Money Mensch: Cutting the cost of calling abroad

By Martin Lewis, June 27, 2008

In the last six months, the cost of calling abroad has dropped considerably. Those with internet can use Skype to talk for free, but when it comes to making calls from a landline, you can get a massively cheap deal by using specialist overseas call providers’ access codes.

You can call Israel from a landline via provider Discount Dial for just 0.5 pence a minute. All you have to do is dial a special access number prior to the main telephone number. Your call will then be charged to your home phone bill at the low rate. You can call an Israel mobile for two pence per minute in the same way. Calling the US is just 0.4 pence a minute to both mobiles and landlines via Cheapest Chat.

To find the cheapest providers and access codes, use the International Callchecker tool at

Last updated: 5:03pm, June 19 2009