How you can call Directory Enquiries for Free

By Martin Lewis, April 3, 2008

It is now possible to get completely free directory enquiries. 118118 has managed to hypnotise the nation into unnecessarily paying a fortune for its directory enquiries. By calling this number, you are charged 69 pence just for connecting, plus an additional 19 pence per minute. There is, however, a provider which allows you to call from a landline for free. Just call 0800 100 100. You will have to listen to a 20-second advert before you are given your number; this subsidises the cost. This number is not free from a mobile phone — you will be charged your operator’s standard rates.

But it is still cheaper to call 0800 100 100 than your network’s own directory enquiries.

Last updated: 11:47am, April 3 2008