Ditching and switching your gas and electricity suppliers

By Martin Lewis, April 11, 2008

Now is the perfect time to switch gas and electricity providers in order to save yourself some cash.

We have just finished the recent price hikes, with all six of the big providers having put their prices up since January. There is therefore a level playing field when it comes to comparing prices. Providers are at the same stage of price moves. To find the cheapest price, use a comparison company. You can either phone these, such as TheEnergyShop or Uswitch, or do it online. If you are doing it on the web, rather than directly through the switching companies, go via www.moneysavingexpert.com/gaselec you can get cashback of up to £30, or a crate of 12 bottles of wine when you switch. This is because I have pushed a price war via my site between the comparison sites to give a cut of what they make back to consumers.

Doing a comparison is easy: simply specify the company you use, how much you pay and where you live. They will then tell you which your cheapest supplier is. You could save between £200-£300 per year.

Last updated: 1:46pm, April 10 2008