Cut the cost of texting abroad

By Martin Lewis, May 16, 2008

Here is a quick tip for anyone with a T-Mobile or O2 phone who wants to text abroad. Rather bizarrely, it is actually cheaper to send a picture message than a regular text message on these networks. For example, on T-Mobile, sending a text message from zone 2 countries (most of Europe) costs 40 pence, where as a picture message costs 20 pence. On O2, a text message can cost up to 49 pence, and a picture message 25 pence. What if you don’t want to send a picture? It doesn’t matter. You don’t actually need a picture to send a picture message. Sending a picture message is just a different type of file according to the phone company. So, just write your message in the picture message and you will save yourself some money. Easy as that.

    Last updated: 12:20pm, May 16 2008