Going abroad?

By Martin Lewis, July 21, 2011

Using mobiles outside the UK can cost a fortune. Yet new rules in force mean calls in the EU are cheaper. The maximum cost to make calls is now €0.35/min + VAT (about 38p) and to receive is €0.11 (10p)/min + VAT, while texts will remain capped at €0.11 (10p). But you can cut costs further.

● If you have a smartphone and free wi-fi you can make super-cheap calls using apps such as Skype and Jajah.

● Often your provider will offer free EU or cut-price deals on mobile roaming bundles but only if you ask.

● If you visit one country regularly buy a local Sim. This will enable you to make calls at cheaper local rates. You will have to unlock your handset first.

● If you travel to a lot of different countries a global Sim will allow you to receive calls free and have reduced calling costs, eg, a StoryTelecom Sim costs £35, with £25 credit.

● Using the internet overseas costs a fortune so switch it off before you go.


Last updated: 11:24am, July 21 2011