Money Mensch: Bluff to cut costs

By Martin Lewis, February 17, 2011

It's haggle time. Television and mobile phone companies know that many are skint right now and would prefer to reduce their costs rather than lose your custom.

Subscription television, mobile and broadband contracts are not cheap. So call up and ask for a better price, saying you are paying too much, or tell them about other deals you know of that are cheaper.

If it doesn't work, the key trick is to threaten to leave and you will usually be put through to what companies call 'disconnections'. It is generally known internally as 'customer retentions', which will have massively more discretion to keep you and can therefore offer you good deals.

If they call your bluff to leave and you don't want to, just say: "I need to check with my husband/wife/partner first."

There are no guarantees, but it is worth a try. Full step-by-step help at:

    Last updated: 11:02am, February 17 2011