Money Mensch: A British Gas boon

By Martin Lewis, February 3, 2011

There is a quick way to speedily earn around a tenner's worth of extra Nectar points - for free. The only catch is you need to be an existing British Gas customer. Those on pre-payment meters are not eligible.

Provided you have a Nectar loyalty card, simply register at

The amount of points you get is based on the service or action you use. There are many ways to collect, such as if you have one of British Gas's electricity tariffs. Here, you will receive 200 points, but if you switch to paying by direct debit, you could redeem 800 points.

1,500 points gets you £7.50 at Amazon, Vue and Argos. You could collect up to 1,900 points, worth £9.50. Yet this is not me saying: "Switch to British Gas". It is a boon for existing customers. Do a comparison on gas and electricity to check the best deal for you as many households are overpaying.

Full info at

Last updated: 2:08pm, February 3 2011