Money Mensch: Maximise your Clubcard vouchers

By Martin Lewis, November 25, 2010

Tesco points collectors take note. You are about to be sent your latest batch of vouchers; yet there is an all-change in what you can redeem them for.

A voucher worth £10 for in-store spending can instead have its value quadrupled if you trade it in for things in the Clubcard rewards brochure, such as days out, magazine subscriptions and more. Yet from Monday 6 December, the conversion rate drops.

A £10 voucher will only get you £30 in rewards. So if you want items or services in the brochure, act fast.

Yet the changes don't end there. Tesco has just re-launched its 'Big Clubcard Voucher Exchange' - good timing for Chanucah. The scheme allows you to trade vouchers in for double their normal value on certain shopping categories, such as toys, clothes, beauty, flowers, baby and toddler and wine.

Yet this finishes on Sunday 5 December so, again, be quick.

Last updated: 12:29pm, November 25 2010