Money Mensch: A hot new deal: free solar panels worth £10,000+

By Martin Lewis, September 16, 2010

It is possible to get free solar panels - from companies like Isos Solar and Home Sun - worth £10,000 and which can reduce your electricity bills by a sizable amount.

This may seem phenomenal at first but the free panels aren't quite as generous as they appear. If you get them fitted free, while you keep the estimated £100 a year saving, you can't remove them for 25 years, plus you forfeit your right to an £800-a-year payment from the government as a thank you for giving the national grid the excess electricity you have generated. Instead, the panel company gets to keep this cash.

Yet it is still a good, free, green plan. However, if you can stump up the initial outlay yourself, it is even better as, over 10 years, you should easily recoup the cost as you get the £800 per year in government cash, which is guaranteed for at least 25 years.

To qualify for the freebie you must have an un-shaded, south-facing roof of at least 24 sq m. Don't worry, dazzling weather all year round isn't needed, just standard daylight is fine. And you can still change your electricity supplier, as normal, at any time. This is a major undertaking so, if you're serious about doing it, read my full list of pros and cons first at

Last updated: 11:21am, September 16 2010