Money Mensch: Cut the cost of high-end medicines

By Martin Lewis, June 24, 2010

Is THIS the zenith of my JC writing? Could anything be more stereotypically perfect for a Jewish audience than money-saving on high-end medicals?

If you use private prescriptions either because you have a private GP or you need drugs the NHS doesn't deem necessary, such as Viagra, baldness cures, some IVF treatments, anti-malaria drugs or even cancer treatments, you may be able to seriously cut costs.

Unlike NHS prescriptions, the key here is that the cost isn't fixed so different pharmacies can charge you varying amounts for the same medicine.

Pharmacies linked to private GPs can commonly pump prices up on the back of this, but it doesn't stop there: four Viagra 50MG tablets cost £26 in Boots but only £21 at online chemist Pharmacy2u.

Checking out other prices, especially for high-cost medications, can pay.

Asda's pharmacy is already generally pretty cheap but has an ongoing price promise to price match even online pharmacies.

So find the cheapest price on the web, then nip to Asda to get it fulfilled. With things like IVF drugs, savings can be enormous.

For more info and price comparisons, see

Last updated: 11:47am, June 24 2010