Money Mensch: See how to get free eye tests

By Martin Lewis, May 27, 2010

We have seen lots of temporary "free eye test" promotions from opticians - but now Tesco has gone a step further. It is offering permanently free eye tests at 131 in-store opticians, which tend to be located in the larger branches.

Of course, for the under-16s or over-60s, or those with certain medical conditions, they are free anyway - and for everyone who lives in Scotland. But for everyone else, there is normally a £10-£25 charge. So this is perfect if you want to go for a quick check-up.

Yet the most important point is, just because you get your eyes tested at Tesco, you don't need to get your glasses made there. Often it is much cheaper to order glasses via an online retailer.

Last updated: 2:58pm, May 27 2010