Money Mensch: Are you entitled to a free laptop?

By Martin Lewis, April 1, 2010

Help spread the word – especially to those not on the internet.

Any families on lower incomes with children in school years 3 to 9 (roughly aged 7 to 14) may be eligible for a grant of up to £528 to buy a computer and get internet access.

The initiative is designed to help those who don't already have the facilities at home, though it can also pay for just web access for those who already have a computer.

The grant's called the Home Access Grant. To check if you qualify, call 0333 200 1004. As a rough rule of thumb, families are eligible if they receive benefits or have children who get free school meals. There were 270,000 grants available, though it is thought up to 100,000 may have already been claimed.

For those who are online and just want to cut costs, the current cheapest home standalone broadband package is Plusnet Value, at £6 per month.

More info and options at

More info and options at

Last updated: 11:23am, April 1 2010