Money mensch: Tune in to cheaper music

By Martin Lewis, December 22, 2009

Don’t pay £9 for a music album when you can get it for £4.50.

If you legally download music, it is likely you are paying vastly over the odds. For example, X Factor winner Joe McElderry’s single is 99p on iTunes, but head to Amazon or Tesco and it is just 29p. Lady Gaga’s album is £8.99 at iTunes — but £4.47 elsewhere.

To combat this, I have built a new free website,, which lists nine million singles and albums, and lets you see which of the big nine download sites is offering the one you want cheapest. Simple as that.

And if you are an iPod user, don’t worry. These days you can buy from anywhere and still get it onto your player, no problem.

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