Money mensch: Dial up for free X-Factor votes

By Martin Lewis, November 19, 2009

Whether you are an X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing fan, there is a way that you can vote for free. Normally, the X-Factor vote alone costs 35 pence, but new company has set up a system whereby you dial its number (a normal 03 access number), you listen to an advert from one of its providers and then it puts you through to the reality show’s official voting lines. So, if you have free minutes on your landline or mobile package, you can vote at no cost, as many times as you like. This is a new service and it has nothing to do with the TV companies, who do not seem to be too keen about it. That said, they do not lose money.

Free votes aren’t available every week, it depends if it got sponsors, but its always worth checking.


    Last updated: 10:41am, November 19 2009