Money mensch: Send text messages abroad for free

By Martin Lewis, October 22, 2009

If you send texts to friends or relatives abroad, it can cost a monstrous 50p per text. However, there is a way to do it to 30 countries for nothing.

Go to the site and it lets you send texts to a range of countries including the USA and Canada (though sadly not Israel as yet) for no cost. Simply put in the details of the number you are texting, who it is from, add your message and press ‘send sms’ — and that is it.

You can also get unlimited texts to the UK by using the website, so if you are near a computer, ditch your mobile.

Do be aware that the texts won’t come from your normal mobile number so always sign off the text with your name. What’s more, it is also now possible to send texts via your mobile phone’s internet service. For full details go to

Last updated: 11:08am, October 22 2009