Money Mensch

Money Mensch: How to go further with your holiday cash

By Martin Lewis, July 10, 2014

Your money should stretch much further if you're heading to dollar destinations this summer. The pound is up 14 per cent on last year at $1.70, a five-year high. It's also at an 18-month high against the euro, at €1.25 - 10 per cent up on last summer. Yet, just because the rate is strong doesn't mean you'll gain. Here's what you need to know:

1. Don't waste big money on foreign money.


It is now time to wise up on age-old benefits

By Martin Lewis, April 4, 2014

It is said that like wine and cheese, some things get better with age. I’m never sure whether money-saving skills fit that criteria. In any case, a range of new financial challenges open up as you get older.

But don’t think there’s nothing you can do. For the over-50s, it’s crucial to get on top of the changes.



Let’s not swipe bank accounts that give back

By Martin Lewis, March 20, 2014

Bank accounts were once ugly creatures that bit hard when you went overdrawn, and gave nothing back when you were in credit.

Most still do that. But a few innovative gems are starting to sparkle. So instead of bank-bashing, I’m going to applaud the accounts that pay.


Saving rates are low, but now is the time to act

By Martin Lewis, February 7, 2014

Far too many people think “savings rates are so low, why bother doing anything?” But while rates are low, we should not be complacent.

People who are active about their finances, can save up to 6 per cent interest. So here is my rate-boosting masterclass.


Money Mensch: New Year resolutions for a more profitable 2014

By Martin Lewis, January 17, 2014

For most people, taking a deep breath and sorting your finances could lead to the equivalent of a 25 per cent pay rise in just one day. To help, here are my suggestions for the top 10 New Year financial resolutions:

I resolve to budget

How much do you earn a year? Easy question. And how much do you spend? Errrr...


Don’t spend unnecessary cash on your next holiday abroad

By Martin Lewis, December 25, 2013

Here’s a New Year’s resolution. If you plan to go abroad, don’t pay more than is necessary. Too many people overspend on foreign shores, so I’m going to explain how you can save with perfect exchange rates.



How to ensure you really need your insurance

By Martin Lewis, December 16, 2013

Are you walking out in the world naked? Insurers try to scare you into thinking you are if you do not buy their cover. The right policy is a suit of armour protecting you from the world’s randomness — but what’s necessary, what’s nonsense, and how do you cut the cost?


Energy prices are rising, but you could still save cash

By Martin Lewis, December 16, 2013

Winter is coming. Don’t wait until you’re knee-deep in snow to sort out your bills. Prevention truly beats cure. Tackling your bills now means you can take the financial bite out of winter chills…

Free loft insulation and even boilers (for some)
While the loft insulation free-for-all’s ended, some will still be entitled to free energy-saving measures.


It is time to celebrate cutting Chanucah costs this season

By Martin Lewis, November 18, 2013

The shops have started their jingle bells, Christmas is coming and this year Chanucah precedes it by a month. I dislike early celebrations as much as the next man. Yet pre-planning can seriously slash festive costs, so you have better festivities at a lower price.


Children are costly, but not as expensive as you first thought

By Martin Lewis, September 17, 2013

If you have a family, your purse or wallet is probably crying. Having children is a terrible investment. You fork out an estimated £200,000 per child by the time they reach age 21.

Of course, if you’re happy to be repaid in hugs, it’s all more than worth it. Yet a few tips to ease the burden never go amiss...

Are you missing £1,000s of childcare help?