Expert view

Shekel shows power

By Ben Mitchell, July 14, 2011

Whilst the UK's economy has stuttered and stumbled its way out of recession, Israel has enjoyed an entirely different experience.

The Israeli economy is buoyant, with a GDP forecast of 5.2 per cent for this year and unemployment at a record low. Exports are also looking robust despite the strength of the shekel.


Injustice to banking

By Steve Baker, July 7, 2011

One of the least understood and most damaging aspects of the financial crisis is the way International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) mislead UK and Irish banks and their stakeholders about their true financial positions.

These accounting standards have contributed enormously to the severity of the financial crisis in both countries, and, until they are reformed, pose a lethal threat to a


The cost of old age

By Ros Altmann, June 16, 2011

Fantastic news.


2012 could be a real money spinner

By Jonathan Morris, June 10, 2011

These are exciting times for the many of us who have applied for tickets for next year's London Olympic Games as we wait to see for which events we have been successful and, perhaps more importantly, how much of an impact our enthusiasm to witness this unique occasion is going to have on our bank balances.

As we do so, we could be forgiven for asking ourselves whether, at a time of substantial


Thank you, Royals

By Elissa Bayer, May 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding, the capture and death of the world's most wanted terrorist, continuing fighting in the Middle East and the fall in commodity prices - and we are not even half way through the year.


The poor old pound

By Ben Amrany, May 19, 2011

In the past quarter, the pound had been on a steady decline against a basket of major currencies.


Looking up in London

By David Pearl, May 12, 2011

There is a word (but not necessarily the only word)that I would use to describe the current property market: patchy. The London market has recovered pretty well in the past year or so in terms of both value and demand, particularly in the West End. The City isn't quite so good and out of Central London, well, don't ask.


It's a long road back

By Jonathan Morris, May 5, 2011

There was palpable sense of relief that the official figures for gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter of the year did not show the UK as still being in recession.

However, with the economy growing by only 0.5 per cent during the period, they were not exactly a great cause for celebration either. If nothing else, it appears that the road to recovery is likely to be a long one.


Finally, good news

By Ros Altmann, April 28, 2011

The Government may at last be getting to grips with proper state pension reform.

For years, ministers have tinkered with our state pension system, constantly adding to its complexity, while failing to address the fundamental problems.


What happens next?

By Elissa Bayer, April 14, 2011

We are now a few months into the year and the global economic situation appears as uncertain as ever with many sectors - and countries - facing their own set of difficulties.