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Expert View: David Coffer

By David Coffer, August 6, 2009

Many businesspeople haven’t bothered to return from holiday since Pesach. Moses would have been proud of the exodus from the land of shrinking trade to, if not the “Promised” land, then certainly the “Land Where No Creditor Can Reach”. The sentiment being: “I might as well be on holiday and lose money as lose it at work.”


Yes, pay bankers well

By Jonathan Morris, July 8, 2009

Reading the business pages in the past few weeks, one could be forgiven for thinking that we were still in the midst of an economic boom and that all the talk of credit crunches, collapsing banks and the like had just been a bad dream.


Expert View: Markets are moving

By Jonathan Morris, June 4, 2009

As we have become engrossed in stories of duck islands, moats and the “flipping” of second homes of late, the idea of floating a company on one of the public markets has seemed somewhat far-fetched by comparison.

However, there are some encouraging signs that the so-called “IPO market” (IPO stands for Initial Public Offering) is gearing itself up again for new business.


Expert view: Charities are the ones being crunched

By Elissa Bayer, May 14, 2009

Last week I was at a Charity Conference — both participating and listening to speakers — on “How Charities Should Survive in the Recession”. There was a panel of speakers covering all the professions and speakers from the charities themselves. One of the salient points was that the current environment allows people to rethink their whole agenda, not only cutting staff, but looking at pet projects which are either too expensive, or are not what the public want to buy into.


Expert View: We are at the bottom now

By David Pearl, April 29, 2009

I am feeling reasonably optimistic. The last few months of 2008 were grim. The recession came as a shock — not the reality of it, but the way I felt about it.

I wasn’t sure I had the energy for another economic downturn. Thankfully, that mood passed. My business has been through a thorough “service”, is fit and healthy and I am up for the challenge of the next phase. If you are an entrepreneur, you cannot sit on your hands. You have to change.


Expert View: When investing, think long-term

By Philip Shapiro, April 7, 2009

One of the biggest issues facing investors at the moment is to decide both where and when to invest.

While the stock market has shown signs of life during March, bear market rallies are not uncommon during downturns.

Although price earnings multiples for the FTSE 100 are below long-term averages, they are still well above previous bear market troughs. Currencies are expected to devalue further as governments begin the process of “quantitative easing”.


Expert View: Antidote to gloomy old mass media

By David Coffer, March 26, 2009

I have decided to ignore all media hysteria on the economy. Recession is a very personal matter and so I have evolved the RGV/PRB index as the most accurate method of gauging public confidence and economic trends, this being structured from weekly data gleaned from about 30 friends, colleagues and family.


Expert View: UK plc is battered but not broken

By Oliver Ralph, March 19, 2009

March is a hectic time in the City. Analysts, fund managers, PR advisers and journalists try to cope with “reporting season”. An array of listed companies, having spent a couple of months adding up the numbers from 2008, have been telling us how they did last year and, more importantly, how they expect to do in 2009.


Expert View: Any green shoots are hard to find right now

By Elissa Bayer, February 26, 2009

We are now two months into 2009 and, as most people predicted, it is not getting much better. Banks are still getting a fairly bad press and RBS has announced a loss that almost defies description.

People’s confidence in the financial sector is badly shaken, which is particularly sad as many people have been loyal shareholders of their banks for years and now have not only seen their capital fade away, their income, certainly in the short to medium term, has disappeared as well.


Expert View: Where investors can find safety

By Oliver Ralph, January 29, 2009

The banking crisis has left investors with much to mourn. Banks used to be havens of stability, offering savers a safe home for their cash, and shareholders a relatively secure investment with a decent annual dividend. But after a tumultuous year, they’re no longer looking so attractive for either group.

So where should investors go to find safety? Savings accounts are still the obvious choice, provided you don’t put more than £50,000 (the government’s compensation limit in the event of problems) with any single bank.