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Expert view: Welcome to class actions, US-style

By Emily Lew, December 17, 2009

Many of the column inches generated by the introduction of the Financial Services Bill to Parliament last month were dedicated to the elements of the bill relating to bankers’ bonuses. But there is another aspect of the bill which has not received the attention it deserves.

This is the proposal to introduce a form of class action in the UK in the financial services arena.


Expert View: Green investing has a new meaning now

By Elissa Bayer, December 3, 2009

When I started in the private client department in the 1970s, I reviewed portfolios for the trust departments of the banks. One knew little about those clients apart from what investments they did not want in their portfolios. No tobacco, alcohol or gambling stocks were the major no-nos, while others rejected armaments or investment in South Africa — in those days, that ruled out Barclays.


Expert view: Beware the so-called 'economic recovery'

By David Coffer, November 26, 2009

Remember Alien, when the euphoric, exhausted crew escape in their spaceship, free from danger, and then suddenly the shot pans away and the alien is shown hanging on in mid-space? — well, I am getting a bit Sigourney Weaver about Gordon Brown.


Expert View: And when a charity litigates...

By Henry Frydenson, November 19, 2009

Charities face the same litigation matters that arise at any company; however, they must balance the need to run worthwhile cases against the risk of allegations they are wasting donations on legal fees.


Expert view: Watch and learn as Apax buys Israeli

By Jonathan Morris, November 5, 2009

Despite the current lack of activity in the private equity market, it probably did not come as a great surprise to many to learn last week that Apax Partners, one of the leading players in the sector, would be booking a handsome profit after agreeing to sell its stake in a telecoms provider. After all, Apax has been making canny investments for more than 30 years.

But one aspect of the story caught the eye: the particular company was not British, American, Scandinavian or Indian, but Israeli — Bezeq.


Expert view: 'I'm still not buying'

By David Pearl, October 1, 2009

Now that Yom Kippur is behind us for another year I feel relieved and refreshed. I didn’t have to do too much praying because I lead a virtually sin-free life, but I had plenty of time to reflect on two of my favourite things — food (and my resolution, following hypnotherapy, not to eat so much of it) and property.


Expert view: Culture must change

By Jonathan Morris, September 24, 2009

The first anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers has provided a broad range of politicians, regulators and commentators with the opportunity to remind us of the incredible scenes we witnessed last September as one of the world’s leading banking institutions simply disappeared from sight.

In the weeks and months since last autumn, we have witnessed a concerted global effort to understand how such a turn of events could have occurred and to identify ways in which our regulatory regimes should be overhauled.


Expert view: Guide to selecting stocks in a recession

By Elissa Bayer, September 9, 2009

As we look forward to Rosh Hashanah next week, it is startling to think it will be a year since the fall of Lehman Brothers and the virtual collapse of the financial system as we knew it. The events of the last quarter of 2008 have been well chewed over but the effects are still with us and will be for some years to come.


Expert view: A problem of trust

By Zaki Cooper, August 20, 2009

One of the great casualties of the financial and economic wreckage has been trust. Whereas we used to trust businesses, chief executives and even bankers, this has plummeted. It reminds one of the old line about politicians: “How do you know when a politician is lying? Answer: their lips are moving.”


Expert view: Just think positive

By David Coffer, August 6, 2009

Many businesspeople haven’t bothered to return from holiday since Pesach. Moses would have been proud of the exodus from the land of shrinking trade to, if not the “Promised” land, then certainly the “Land Where No Creditor Can Reach”. The sentiment being: “I might as well be on holiday and lose money as lose it at work.”