Expert view

New law could change company perceptions on flexible hours

By Emma Clark, May 23, 2014

Next month, new UK laws will extend the right of all eligible employees to request flexible working hours.

Currently, the right to request flexible working hours (and the request may be rejected by the employer) is limited to carers of children under-18 and those who care for adult dependents.


There’s more to Israel than start-ups

By Hugo Bieber, April 4, 2014

There are a wealth of opportunities in Israel and these need to be brought to the attention of British investors.

Israeli companies go far beyond “start-ups” and are now looking to grow.

That is why UK Israel Business, which prides itself on building trade links between the two countries, ran the first-ever Israel Private Equity Opportunity Summit in London last month.


The creative way to capital growth

By David Glick, February 14, 2014

The Jewish community’s contribution to the creative industries is beyond question, yet those industries are sometimes treated with less regard than other areas of business.


‘Time to change’ our approach to pensions

By Ros Altmann, December 16, 2013

Automatic enrolment is the government’s new policy to ensure that every tax-paying employee is automatically put into a pension scheme at work, with their employer contributing to their pension as well.

Even working mothers must set up a pension scheme for their nannies. Staff can opt out, but many will not bother.


New look for retailers’ survival

By Stephen Spitz, November 4, 2013

What does the word retail mean today? How does someone survive in a world totally different to the generation of successful entrepreneurs who started out in the 1950s and 1960s?

The principles of hard work, passion and focus are still vital, but the expectation of support from banks, friends, and family members is often a myth.


Industrial manufacturing roots resurface in Britain

By Zaki Cooper, October 17, 2013

“We just don’t make things anymore” is a refrain made by many British consumers as they sceptically eyeball the “Made in China” label.

They note the global rise of Asia which has eclipsed Britain’s peak manufacturing era during the Industrial Revolution, which started in the eighteenth century.


Israeli water tech: A valuable resource

By Noah Shani, September 13, 2013

Here in the UK, filling our kettles and running our baths are second nature. We repetitively complete these acts every day without contemplation and regularly complain when it rains. But it’s worth asking — has easy access to water distracted us from its true value?


We must help our youth source jobs

By Zaki Cooper, July 25, 2013

When Lord Sacks rose from the red benches of the Upper Chamber to initiate a debate on “Business and Society” last month, he honed in on the problem of youth unemployment. He asked whether we were “condemning a significant proportion of young people to a future in which they will never find work”.


Social media could affect your firm

By Jonathan Abrams , July 1, 2013

A survey by YouGov showed that only one in eight small businesses turn to a solicitor to solve a legal problem. As a lawyer, I find this shocking, so here are my top 10 tips on managing your business, media and the law.



Employers must act now over pensions

By Ros Altmann, April 25, 2013

A seismic shift in pensions is underway, affecting all UK employers and employees. The government is revolutionising workplace pensions, forcing all employers, whether large companies with thousands of workers, or working mothers employing one nanny, to provide pensions for their staff.