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'Let employers try before they buy'

By Candice Krieger, August 13, 2009

Good news for graduates: help is at hand for university leavers struggling to get jobs in the recession. Former student Andy Shovel has launched Recruitment Squared, a business which he believes can combat graduate unemployment — and, three months in, it is already in profit.

Recruitment Squared offers employers the chance to “try before they buy” and, as Mr Shovel puts it, “this takes the risk away from companies, making it more financially appealing for them to hire”.


Our Facebook error, by the Yahoo! boss

By Candice Krieger, August 6, 2009

Hindsight is a fine thing. Just ask Toby Coppel, a former senior executive at global internet company Yahoo!


Is it time to join the gold rush?

By Candice Krieger, July 30, 2009

Dan Fisher, head of Physical Gold and former investment banker at Merrill Lynch

Gold provides a good balance for an investor’s portfolio. People have been hit very hard because shares, bonds, cash and property have all moved in the same direction at the same time, but gold always tends to perform inversely to the traditional paper assets and so that provides a hedge.


How I tamed the Den's richest Dragon

By Candice Krieger, July 23, 2009

What do you do if you want to expand your business? Ask one of the multi-million pound investors from BBC television show Dragons’ Den for backing, of course. Entrepreneur Grant Morgan did and, fortunately for him, one said yes.

The business angel in question was Scottish businessman Duncan Bannatyne. Worth an estimated £320 million and believed to be the wealthiest Dragon on the show, Mr Bannatyne owns a chain of health clubs, hotels, bars and property — and now a 25 per cent stake in Mr Morgan’s luxury watch brand, Kurt Zeiss.


Josh Steinmann

By Josh Steinmann, July 16, 2009

Electric cars will “become the norm” in a matter of years, says eco-entrepreneur Josh Steinmann, who is helping to accelerate a transition from petrol vehicles. Mr Steinmann, 38, is vice president of business development at Better Place, the clean-transport company set up by Israeli-born entrepreneur Shai Agassi — the former president of the products and technology group at software giant SAP. The firm is planning to market electric vehicles (EVs) internationally.


Is property on the rise?

By Candice Krieger, July 8, 2009

Simon Rubinsohn
Chief Eeconomist, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

It is becoming increasingly hard to ignore the improvement in the news flowing in about the housing market. Activity has picked-up, albeit from abysmally low levels, and prices now actually seem to be rising in many parts of the country, with London a principal beneficiary. In fact, some parts of the capital are even seeing competitive bids for the right sort of property in the right location.


JC Dragons Den 2009

By Candice Krieger, July 2, 2009

A grandfather from Middlesex has won the Dragons’ Den-style competition run by the JC and the London Jewish Cultural Centre with his clothes alterations and repairs business.

Steven Kanter’s company, Sew and Go, which provides all the services offered by a traditional alterations tailor with the addition of an express same-day pick-up option, was the majority favourite among the judges.


Who’ll fire up the Dragons?

By Candice Krieger, June 25, 2009

James Brookner and Matt Garcia
Everyday Models — a company that enables you to rent out personal space to advertisers

James Brookner and Matt Garcia have come up with a pioneering way to advertise. Their start-up, Everyday Models, invites people to rent out a variety of personal spaces — such as their clothes, car, house or online social networking profile — to advertisers


Dragons' Den: Time to pitch your big idea

By Candice Krieger, June 18, 2009

For the second successive year, the JC and the London Jewish Cultural Centre invited aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for a special Dragons’ Den-style event. This week and next, Candice Krieger profiles the finalists chosen to face the Dragons.

Daniel Tannenbaum
Strap Ice — an adjustable ice pack pouch to ease muscle injuries


How to argue Israel’s case: lessons from a media guru

By Alex Kasriel, June 11, 2009

A spokesman for Israel is staring into a television camera answering questions about why the country acts in a disproportionate manner in its treatment of Palestinians.