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How to succeed in business

By Simon Round, April 26, 2012

The world economy may remain in the doldrums, but not every economy is stagnant. With growth of nearly five per cent last year, Israel is one of the globe's most economically vibrant nations. So why is Israel doing so well when nearly everywhere else is struggling?


British businesses must stop selling out

By Alex Brummer, April 11, 2012

The overseas takeovers of British-based enterprises roll on. Among the latest UK companies to find a new home is Staines-based NDS, originally an Israeli start-up, bought last month by California's Cisco Systems for $5 billion in what was claimed to be Israel's biggest high-tech deal yet.


High hopes for Beatty director

By Candice Krieger, March 29, 2012

Balfour Beatty's Peter Zinkin is not a fan of the word "construction" - at least not when referring to the company he has worked in for more than three decades.

The planning and development director prefers to use the term "global infrastructure business." He explains: "We are not just a construction company.


Cyber hacking is on the up - but these Israelis are on the case

By Candice Krieger and Natalie Ostroff , March 22, 2012

As the threat of cyber attacks grow, IT security booms. The sector has seen exponential growth over recent years and according to International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on IT security could reach $38 billion by 2014.


'Barclays could be replaced by Facebook'

By Candice Krieger, March 15, 2012

The City as we know it is changing. As financial institutions struggle, technology, media and telecommunications companies (TMTs) are experiencing exponential growth rates.


Mr 'French Connection' means business

By Candice Krieger, March 1, 2012

Stephen Marks last appeared in the JC in 1961. He was a schoolboy tennis champion who could barely afford to join his local tennis club.


The man helping to make metal sexy again

By Candice Krieger, February 23, 2012

Not many businessmen can claim to have attended a conference with Margaret Thatcher and spoken alongside US Republican Condoleezza Rice and Lord Stern, the influential climate-change expert. Metal expert Robert Voss can.

Mr Voss is the founder and managing director of metal traders, Voss International.


We want to be as big as Apple, says Wonga chief

By Candice Krieger, February 9, 2012

'We want to be world class," says Errol Damelin, talking about his high-profile start-up, Wonga. "And I don't mean bigger than Barclays. I mean like Facebook, Amazon and Apple."

Fantasy? Well, the smart-talking South African entrepreneur is certainly making a strong case.


Solving the crisis - it's child's play

By Candice Krieger, February 2, 2012

Who would have thought it? Lego could be the key to improving global economies.

According to Israeli entrepreneur Amir Asor, the popular children's building brick is integral to training the next generation of engineers, who will in turn play an increasingly important role in solving some of the world's financial difficulties. So convinced is Mr Asor that he has set up a business based on it.


The Facebook backer's $350m start-up fund

By Candice Krieger, January 26, 2012

It is every venture capitalist's dream: invest in a young company and watch it grow on an unprecedented scale in a short space of time. And that is exactly what leading VC firm Greylock has managed to do - again and again.

It counts US-based Facebook, LinkedIn and Groupon among its successful investments.