Tchenguiz’s family broiges

By Candice Krieger, March 12, 2009

A bizarre broiges is believed to be brewing between property entrepreneur Robert Tchenguiz and his brother-in-law, Vivian Imerman. South African Imerman, known as “the Man from Del Monte” after he sold his stake in the fruit company for £396m, was married to Tchenguiz’s sister, Lisa. Last week, it was reported that the couple were divorcing and that Tchenguiz, so incensed at the way he felt his sister had been treated, barred Imerman from the Mayfair office they shared.

According to reports, Imerman, who had been rowing with his wife over the division of the matrimonial assets — including a bullet-proof Rolls-Royce — had to get an emergency High Court injunction to enter the building and retrieve his belongings. We understand that the row is now being dealt with in the High Court, with Immerman alleging the misuse of confidential information while Tchenguiz claims to be fighting for his family’s due entitlements. , It was a “no comment” from Tchenguiz’s PR people when contacted this week.

Last updated: 11:50am, March 12 2009