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This is how to put the spark back into M&S

By Alex Brummer, January 17, 2016

More than three decades have passed since Marks & Spencer relinquished family and Jewish leadership with the retirement of Lord Sieff. The traditions of the founding Marks and Sieff dynasties lingered in the shape of the non-Jewish leadership of Sir Richard Greenbury. He was so steeped in the values that his son went on to head Polack House, the Jewish presence, at Clifton College.


Why we’re all now living on Janet’s planet

By Alex Brummer, December 16, 2015

It is not a very seasonal gift. But, after months of meticulous planning and some hesitation, arguably the most powerful woman in the world set us all on a new course this week with a widely predicted raise in interest rates.


Should we fear Qatar's buying spree?

By Alex Brummer, May 28, 2015

As the summer season reaches its height at Royal Ascot next month, one of the sights to behold will be the billboards on the enclosures at this most exclusive of events, sponsored by the gas-rich state of Qatar.


Who will save your savings?

By Alex Brummer, April 24, 2015

Bill Clinton's famous election adage ''it's the economy, stupid,'' that carried him to two terms at the White House, remains highly relevant in Britain's general election.


M&S may just have done it

By Alex Brummer, April 8, 2015

Of all the great British companies including Shell, Tesco and Land Securities founded by remarkable Jewish entrepreneurs only one - Marks & Spencer - truly retains the loyalty and affection of the community.


The store that defeated Mr Retail

By Alex Brummer, January 29, 2015

More than a decade has passed since retailing entrepreneur Sir Philip Green made the boldest move of his career in the shape of a £9.1 billion bid for Marks & Spencer, financed by the Bank of Scotland.

Mr Green reckoned he had the fashion knowledge to turn around the nation's favourite store chain but was seen off the field of battle by regiments of loyal private investors.


The plummeting oil prices reveal why Saudi Arabia fears for the wealth and stability of the Gulf

By Alex Brummer, December 4, 2014

No-one who runs a car or business can be unaware of the hefty fall in the price of fuel at the pumps.


Smart boys behind payday loans

July 3, 2014

The great financial crisis (2007-09) sparked all manner of new lenders as the high street banks cut back their lending. We have seen the birth and expansion of peer-to-peer organisations which match depositors and lenders on the web; crowd-funding where like-minded investors club together to fund small breweries or films, and most contentiously the payday lender.


It’s time for the Serious Farce Office to get serious

By Alex Brummer, April 4, 2014

It has not been an easy ride for David Green, who completes his second year as director of the Serious Fraud Office in April. He inherited it at a low ebb. Phillippa Williamson, the former CEO, was caught up in an expenses row and a parliamentary watchdog said it had “been undermined by a catalogue of errors and poor judgement”, hitting staff morale.


Facebook deal is a sign of technology values gone mad

By Alex Brummer, March 13, 2014

There is a natural cycle faced by financial markets across the globe.

A generation of managers often leave space for successors to repeat their ghastly errors.

One cannot help but feel that many blunders made in the late 1990s — when any enterprise with a website and “” attached to its name was seen as a sure winner — are being repeated.