Board of Deputies condemn Islam centre blaze

By Marcus Dysch, May 15, 2009

The Board of Deputies has written to leaders of an Islamic centre gutted by fire in a suspected arson attack to express “solidarity and disgust”.

The Islamic Education Centre in Luton was targeted last week.

It is thought the fire could have been started by far right activists in revenge for the picketing of British troops by Muslim extremists in the town in March.

Board chief executive Jon Benjamin wrote: “Those who have perpetrated this appalling crime will no doubt be hoping to underscore the division between ethnic and faith communities in the UK. They have failed. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you at this time.”

Mr Benjamin said Islamophobia is “an assault on the civility and the morality upon which this country is built” and that all communities had a responsibility to speak out against it.

Last updated: 9:52am, May 19 2009