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  • Apprentice is now down to the business end.

    Michael Sophocles
    Nov 10, 2010

    Week six has now come upon us and we have reached the half way stage of the competition.

    Paloma aside, the people who have been fired up and till now have deserved to be get the boot.

    Paloma was an example of a candidate who was incredibly able but perhaps too much hard work for Lord Sugar as she showed herself as a potential spanner in the works.

  • Jews fighting for Germany

    Jennifer Lipman
    Nov 8, 2010

    The New York Times had a lovely piece yesterday about the German army and a memorial event for the 467 German-Jewish soldiers who died fighting for their country in the First World War.

    According to the NYT: “It was organised by the Association of Jewish Soldiers, a small but growing group in the German military whose existence testifies to the feeling by at least some Jews that it is possible for them to be patriots again in the nation that once tried to wipe them out.”

    Visiting the German First World War cemeteries on a school history trip to Belgium, I remember being struck by how desolate, how bleak they were. The dilapidated sites, visitors few and far between, contrasted immensely with the well-maintained, sparkling white British and French ones.

  • Mid-terms: some silver linings

    Jennifer Lipman
    Nov 4, 2010

    So, the mid-terms have been and gone. As predicted, what was once blue is now stained red. The Democrats lost big and President Obama is no longer the messianic figure he once was.

    And as has been widely trumpeted, this is just about the worst result for the Democrats since 1948. But, looking back to the election of that year, it’s worth noting that people seem to have more confidence in Obama than they did in Harry Truman.

    Because despite having been president since 1945, it was considered so unlikely that Truman could win of his own accord that one paper actually went to press (before the results came in) touting a victory for his opponent.

  • Boardroom Behaviour Boasts Best Chance of Survival !

    Wow what an episode. The Apprentice works so fabulously because there are two components to it. If the task does not supply enough inflammatory moments or turbulent tantrums then you can always rely on the boardroom for unadulterated entertainment.

    This week was testament to this fact. The actual task I thought was a little repetitious from previous sales tasks on the show and it reminded me of the wedding task I participated in where I could not sell a cake for love nor money.

    The secret to success was all about picking the correct product and engaging that product with the appropriate cliental.

  • Apprentice - episode five is looming.

    The Apprentice just gets better and better this season and this week sees the candidates enter the fashion world when they are asked to market and sell some trendy garments at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

    All the candidates will be dressing to impress the Lord (Hope you liked what I did there!) but I cant wait to see which candidate will be unfashionably poor this week. (My puns never cease to amaze me)

    Also looking forward to seeing what clothes luscious Liz Locke tries on for size that lady is a sexy mamma!!!!!

  • Waissel escapes being voted off by design or by accident?

    The X FACTOR unlike the Apprentice seems to revel in making incorrect decisions when it comes to choosing who will be departing the show. This naturally leads to controversy that in turn leads to fierce debate, which concludes finally in viewing figures soaring.

    This point is of great interest to me. The Apprentice does offer a certain kind of rough justice when it comes to the boardroom. However I always find that if you pay close attention throughout the task and examine the behaviour of the losing team in the boardroom, the correct decision is made perhaps nine times out of ten.

    The Apprentice of course is not a popularity contest and the public are not privy to any sort of decision-making. The show prides itself on being about displaying the finest business talent on show and watching how this supposed ability can handle extreme pressure.

  • Apprentice show has second Jew given the boot!!

    Michael Sophocles
    Oct 27, 2010

    After what I thought was a particularly flat episode I have to say the boardroom shenanigans more than made me a happy bunny! Melissa Cohen may have had a short stint on the show but boy will she be remembered in the Apprentice history books as one of the more vile and obnoxious candidates to have ever graced the boardroom.

    I really wanted her to get further so she could inflict more pain and suffering (figuratively speaking) on the remaining competitors and make me laugh hysterically at her endless cringe worthy antics.

    This week the candidates were ordered by Lord Sugar to sell innovative products to retailers and from the off the monstrous Melissa was on dazzlingly horrendous form stuttering and stammering all over the place and her pitching was simply awful!!

  • Apprentice episode 4 is about to start !!!!!!

    Michael Sophocles
    Oct 27, 2010

    I canny wait for this week’s episode of the Apprentice to start in precisely eight minutes! This week’s hopefuls are given the always interesting task of selling to trade and this is certainly an upgrade in terms of difficulty and it will be interesting to see which candidates sink and which front crawl to victory.

    Can't wait to see the ever annoying Melissa Cohen back on our tv screens as she as definitely taken over the mantle of most annoying jew ever to appear on reality television from urs truly.

    Please read my blog after the show on a weekly basis to see what I make of proceedings and whether sugerbush made the right choice in who he fired!!!!!

  • Halloween costume advice

    Jennifer Lipman
    Oct 27, 2010

    In just a fortnight, photographs of two politicians dressed as Nazis have been leaked into the public domain.

    “I have not done anything wrong,” complained Mike Gardner (who went to a party as Adolf Hitler), formerly the Conservative leader of Harrogate Borough Council, as his party deselected him.

    Republican Congressional candidate Rich Iot was similarly dismayed when a snapshot of him in SS gear emerged. "I have been the victim of "distortions of the truth," he lamented.

  • A view from the EDL demo

    Jennifer Lipman
    Oct 25, 2010

    As I boarded the train to Kensington yesterday, I noticed a large group of men and boys; the men mostly with heads shaved, the boys heartbreakingly young, with fair hair and flushed faces. All were wearing heavy black jackets and dark scarves. It was clear they were on the way to something big, something they found exciting.

    Were they members of the English Defence League, on their way to demonstrate, ostensibly in support of Israel but really against Islam and a way of life other than their own? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was just the paranoia setting in.

    Hours later, as I watched 300 EDL members march up to the high street, banners in hand, chants of "no surrender" and "death to Allah" deafening, I felt my earlier apprehension to be justified.