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  • Apprentice show has second Jew given the boot!!

    Michael Sophocles
    Oct 27, 2010

    After what I thought was a particularly flat episode I have to say the boardroom shenanigans more than made me a happy bunny! Melissa Cohen may have had a short stint on the show but boy will she be remembered in the Apprentice history books as one of the more vile and obnoxious candidates to have ever graced the boardroom.

    I really wanted her to get further so she could inflict more pain and suffering (figuratively speaking) on the remaining competitors and make me laugh hysterically at her endless cringe worthy antics.

    This week the candidates were ordered by Lord Sugar to sell innovative products to retailers and from the off the monstrous Melissa was on dazzlingly horrendous form stuttering and stammering all over the place and her pitching was simply awful!!

  • Apprentice episode 4 is about to start !!!!!!

    Michael Sophocles
    Oct 27, 2010

    I canny wait for this week’s episode of the Apprentice to start in precisely eight minutes! This week’s hopefuls are given the always interesting task of selling to trade and this is certainly an upgrade in terms of difficulty and it will be interesting to see which candidates sink and which front crawl to victory.

    Can't wait to see the ever annoying Melissa Cohen back on our tv screens as she as definitely taken over the mantle of most annoying jew ever to appear on reality television from urs truly.

    Please read my blog after the show on a weekly basis to see what I make of proceedings and whether sugerbush made the right choice in who he fired!!!!!

  • Halloween costume advice

    Jennifer Lipman
    Oct 27, 2010

    In just a fortnight, photographs of two politicians dressed as Nazis have been leaked into the public domain.

    “I have not done anything wrong,” complained Mike Gardner (who went to a party as Adolf Hitler), formerly the Conservative leader of Harrogate Borough Council, as his party deselected him.

    Republican Congressional candidate Rich Iot was similarly dismayed when a snapshot of him in SS gear emerged. "I have been the victim of "distortions of the truth," he lamented.

  • A view from the EDL demo

    Jennifer Lipman
    Oct 25, 2010

    As I boarded the train to Kensington yesterday, I noticed a large group of men and boys; the men mostly with heads shaved, the boys heartbreakingly young, with fair hair and flushed faces. All were wearing heavy black jackets and dark scarves. It was clear they were on the way to something big, something they found exciting.

    Were they members of the English Defence League, on their way to demonstrate, ostensibly in support of Israel but really against Islam and a way of life other than their own? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was just the paranoia setting in.

    Hours later, as I watched 300 EDL members march up to the high street, banners in hand, chants of "no surrender" and "death to Allah" deafening, I felt my earlier apprehension to be justified.

  • Tolerance

    Geoffrey Paul
    Oct 24, 2010

    American Jews associated with the Weisenthal Centre want to build a Museum of Tolerance on the site of an ancient Muslim cemetery at the heart of Jerusalem. They are opposed by an unlikely alliance of imams, ultra-orthodox and reform rabbis and historians who say that an ancient graveyard - still containing some bones and gravestones dating back nine centuries - is inappropriate for such a museum.

    Muslims want to build an Islamic Centre, with mosque and cultural facilities, on a site bordering Ground Zero in New York where Islamist terrorists killed over 3,000 American citizens in the bloody aerial attack on the World Trade Centre. A survey for Time Magazine found 61 per cent of those polled opposed the construction of the mosque.

    But the respondents were not implacably opposed to Islamic religious buildings, with 55 per cent happy to have a community centre and mosque near to their home, just not adjoining Ground Zero. They, like the critics of the Jerusakem museum, found the Ground Zero site inappropriate.

  • Not bungled

    Geoffrey Paul
    Oct 12, 2010

    I wish the media could find a gradation between “bungled” and “successful”. It is highly unlikely that Linda Norgrove, the British aid worker taken hostage in Afghanistan, was killed in a “bungled” rescue attempt, as so many of Tuesday’s papers were reporting. Hostage rescues are highly risky enterprises, taking place at close quarters in settings where the captors have the upper hand from the outset. It was a dreadful and tragic accident, a consequence of a carefully considered political decision that the rescue should be attempted. Israel will remain forever renowned for the success and amazing skill and courage of the Entebbe hostage rescue. But she, too, has moumted rescue operations - Maalot, the Savoy Hotel (Tel Aviv) come to mind - in which there have been tragic losses of life, including civilians caught in crossfire. Brave men attempred to rescue Ms Norgrove. They failed. On occasion that will happen.

  • The 'Nazi' who came to Tea?

    Jennifer Lipman
    Oct 11, 2010

    Rich Iott is having a bad week. The Republican candidate for an Ohio congressional seat, Mr Iott is having to defend himself after some unfortunate photos of him dressed as a Nazi surfaced (he's the friendly-looking guy on the third left).

    The Tea Party politician apparently used to take part in Nazi reenactments, wearing German Waffen SS uniforms. To him it was just harmless fun – he used to go along to these events with his son – but not everyone sees it that way.

    His Democrat opponent, who probably can’t believe her luck, has registered her disgust. Jewish Republican whip Eric Cantor has criticised Mr Iot, and the Republican Jewish Coalition has stated that Mr Iot “clearly lacks the judgment we should expect of lawmakers".

  • At the going down of the sun....

    Geoffrey Paul
    Oct 7, 2010

    A reader has drawn my attention to the fact that it is not only kids who are going hungry in Israel. There is a shocking story in the Los Angeles Times, which I have been able to verify from other sources. Speaking of poverty among Holocaust survivors in Israel as “something of a dirty little secret,” it claims that an estimated 70,000 survivors — one-third of the total of those living in the Jewish State — don't have enough money to make ends meet.The ageing survivors are regularly showing up in soup kitchens or government welfare agencies.

    About half of Holocaust survivors are older than 80 and dying at a rate of 35 a day. Many survivors, it is said, fall through the cracks or receive insufficient aid from Holocaust compensation programmes, which are largely funded by $60 billion in German reparations and administered by the Israeli Government and New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

    Many survivors living in Israel receive monthly payments ranging from $300 to $1,000. But, as survivors age and experience increased health problems, the payments are no longer enough, according to the LA Times correspondent.

  • Say that again....

    Geoffrey Paul
    Oct 4, 2010

    While the number of millionaires in Israel soared by 43% in just one year, from 2008 to 2009, a rate bested only by Hong Kong and India, Israeli charities, quoted in the Hebrew press, report that " at least 223,000 families suffer from what is referred to as ‘nutritional insecurity’ - a state in which a person has no regular access to essential nourishment”. In plain English, they are hungry. In truth, poverty in Israel, statistically, is worse than even Turkey and Mexico. Almost one in five Israelis live in poverty, according to OECD guidelines; for children, the rate is nearly one in three. It is reported that some 6 per cent of hungry Israeli children resort to crime to feed themselves and, despite the existence. of many charities intended to alleviate hunger in childhood, thousands of kids are turning up at school every morning having had no breakfast and with no prospect of a hot meal that day.

  • Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce...Cohen?

    Jennifer Lipman
    Oct 4, 2010

    I’m slightly behind on this season’s Mad Men, so in the interests of not ruining the suspense, I can’t Google too heavily for this one.

    But it seems Don Draper might be getting a Jewish love interest.

    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, actress Cara Buono reveals the truth about her character Faye: