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  • Those darn Jews...

    Jennifer Lipman
    Mar 2, 2011

    What a week it has been - accusations flying all over the shop about anti-Jewish comments by everyone from Hollywood celebrities to fashionistas and internet renagades.

  • Galliano: It is sad, but...

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 28, 2011

    Remember when those charges against Roman Polanski were dredged up after all those years?

    All of a sudden, hordes of ordinarily very rational stars were tripping over themselves to defend him. Never mind that he was an alleged rapist, he was so talented, so creative, they gushed.

    Who cared that he fled the country rather than face the consequences of his actions? Not when his films were so wonderful.

  • Oscars 2011 live

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 27, 2011

    So they say that the Jews control Hollywood.

    Most of the time, we would take that as an insult - zionist conspiracy, yada yada yada. This year, it's not far off. Because the 83rd Academy Awards are basically a who's who of Jewish showbiz - you've got your Portmans and your Coens, your Seidlers and your Francos. Will Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan beat Sorkin's Social Network? Which Jewish actor (Eisenberg or Franco) will be celebrating with one of those trophies later tonight (or tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone)?

    The glamorous, the beautiful and the over-botoxed will be arriving on the Red Carpet in about an hour. Stay with The JC for news on who wins what and who is snubbed, not to mention gossip about the gowns, sarcasm on the speeches and the top Oscar Tweets out there. Also, let us know what you think of the results, the expressions and Anne Hathaway as a presenter by commenting below or tweeting us at @jewishchron.

  • Jewish football? It's fair play

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 17, 2011

    As a woman, one of the things I always appreciate when I go to football matches is how short the queues are for the toilets. A football stadium at half time is probably one of the only places in the world where the men have to wait for longer.

    Obviously, it’s because football supporters remain more likely to be men than women. But that’s not to say women don’t like football; plenty do, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t. It would be sexist, horribly chauvinistic, to suggest women had no place to watch football.

    But what if I wanted to play football? I could, in any number of arenas, but as a woman, could I play for an all-male football team? I don't mean physically - this is no time to make judgments about my poor coordination or my understanding of the offside rule (Salt shaker? Pepper pot?) - but would I be allowed? And should I be?

  • Ice cream and democracy in the Middle East

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 15, 2011

    Which would you prefer? You’re at an ice cream shop, and you can either have a scoop of an untested flavour – one that might turn out to be cookie dough fabulous, but might also be rum ‘n’ raisin terrible – or go for the boring chocolate one, like you always do.

    Would you take the risk, step into the unknown? Your reward for such intrepid behaviour could be more like a punishment; you could end up with a cone you don’t want. But you could get something wonderful, something better than you’d imagined.

    Democracy is the untested flavour. It doesn’t come with a disclaimer, it’s not “rule of the people, except when…”. You either have it, or you don’t – like what you get, or lump it (until the next election).

  • Words matter: Greenslade, Desmond, the EDL

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 11, 2011

    When Jan Moir wrote that inflammatory column about the death of Stephen Gately, there was a Twitter campaign and public outrage almost immediately, Likewise, Liz Jones’ rather tasteless piece retracing Joanna Yeates’s final steps prompted web-wide consternation.

    Roy Greenslade has admitted he was somewhat amiss to write in his blog about media baron Richard Desmond and the Daily Star’s English Defence League coverage: “As a Jew, he may well have negative views of Muslims”.

    It’s an outrageous, idiotic line, a slur against all moderate members of the Jewish community and particularly offensive to those engaged in interfaith efforts, of whom there are many. Some Jews may well have “negative views” about Muslims, likewise some Muslims may well have negative views about Jews.

  • Only be well!

    Geoffrey Paul
    Feb 2, 2011

    Part of the post-operative recovery programme for patients in hospital has to be the care, attention and, by no means least, diet provided for their recuperation. Having been the unfortunate close-up viewer of the kosher diet provided in a leading London hospital, I can only say, if you can possibly help it, don’t opt for the meals provided by a well-known kosher caterer whose offerings, while well intended, are plainly not designed for the bed-bound patient. Mounds of silver foil and plastic wrap, while they may protect kosher food from contamination from handling by non-Jewish staff, arrive at the bedside table in a jumble requiring forensic skills to detach the food from the wrapping. Soup comes in bowls which have been upset within their outer packaging, with more soup in the containing package than the bowls. Cold cuts of meat are heated to the same temperature as a portion of chicken and are therefore inedible. I could go on but would not want to disturb your digestion. All I want to say is, in this day and age of advanced technology, it cannot be beyond the skills of Jewish scientists and food technologists to come up with a kosher diet which is edible within a hospital context and which does not provide the best reason for opting, instead, for a vegetarian, non-kosher diet. By the way, if you order a kosher meal for a visitor, expect to pay £31.50 for something which will almost certainly be left uneaten, Outrageous.

  • Protest humour (part two)

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 2, 2011

    Ok, so boundaries and borders in the Middle East are often the subject of debate. But disagreeing over where the lines go isn't quite the same as misplacing an entire country. Which, obviously, is something a major news organisation would never do. Right?

    Oh wait. Mazel Tov, Fox News for confusing Egypt with Iraq.

    NB: I am told the map is actually from 2009. But last I checked, Egypt was still not where Iraq is back then

  • Protest humour

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 2, 2011

    Not to make light of the political situation in Egypt, but some wit on Twitter has come up with a nice way of summing up the delicate power balance in the region: