Vera's win friendly against top of the league Inter Islington

By Yehuda Erdman
October 4, 2011

In 27 C heat and despite wanting to finish in time to watch the Arsenal Spurs game, Vera's proved again how dangerous they can be when top goal scorer Johny Erdman (no relation to his father who is writing this) scored another two goals as Vera's won 2-0. Inter were depleted of their usual players (as were Vera's) but still showed good passing skills and quick counter attacks against the Vera's defence. The referee played the advantage rule skilfully to keep the game flowing and in the second half both teams were wilting because of the heat wave.
Many spectators commented on the high level football and the sporting manner in which both sides played this friendly. the Cup starts next week and th Camen Musicians League is definitely one to watch for good amateur football. All spectators are assured of an enjoyable spectacle.


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