Mrs Ahlam Akram

By Yehuda Erdman
September 16, 2011

Last Sunday evening Palestinian activist Mrs Ahlam Akram spoke very eloquently and movingly at Hashomer House in support of the proposition that recognition of Palestine by the UN General Assembly was good for Israel. There was an intense and interesting question and answer session with the audience and at the end a straw poll found that the majority of the audience recognised that recognition of the Palestinian Authority in the UN General Assembly would benefit Israel. Much support for Mrs Akram followed because she spoke movingly on the theme that it was long overdue to resolve the conflict and for Israel to stop deliberately provoking the Palestinian people by e.g. purposely humiliating the Palestinians at roadblocks in the West bank and continuing the blockade of Gaza. She stated categorically that the ever increasing encroachment of the settlers on Palestinian land was a deliberate attempt to prevent the emergence of the Palestinian State.
In response at the end of the meeting Yehuda Erdman, Chair of Meretz UK summarised his position by stating:-
1. The single state solution had been rejected as long ago as the 1930s. That demonstrably the two peoples could not live harmoniously in a single state west of the Jordan river with approx. 50/50 population split.
2. The two state solution was advocated by nearly everybody including Bibi and Ehud
3. The status quo will lead to continuing struggle and very likely further wars in the Middle East, and therefor must be ended quickly and decisively to end the impasse.


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