Dichters Law

By Yehuda Erdman
November 7, 2011

MK Dichter has sponsored a Bill in the Knesset which aims to deprive Arabic as one of the two official languages in Israel on the grounds that Israel should be a Jewish State. The logic by implication is that the rights of the Israeli Arabs as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence by Ben Gurion in 1948 is superseded by this Bill. According to reports in the Isreali press several MKs who had originally supported Dichter's Bill have recently changed their minds and will now vote against it.
I sincerely hope that a majority will vote it down as it diminishes Israel as a democratic state in the middle east. All Jews should reflect on the fact that Arabic is the spoken language of the region and eventually when peace comes it will be necessary for Israelis to have the capability to communicate with their neighbours at least for the purpose of trade.


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