Archbishop of Canterbury in Zimbabwe

By Yehuda Erdman
October 11, 2011

Dr Williams has performed a huge "Mitzvah" by having the courage to confront Robert Mugabe on his own turf and point out on behalf of all the Zimbabwe Anglicans how they have been downtrodden and worse by the despotic regime which Mugabe heads. This was an incredibly noble and courageous act which fully justifies his election to high office in the Anglican Church. I am unable to think of an equally bold and selfless action by a modern day Jewish leader, as they seem to come over as somehow self-serving. Perhaps they will learn from the truly great deed just performed in Zimbabwe, which is one of the most benighted countries on earth transformed in a relatively short time from one of the most prosperous in Africa to one where the people are starving and reduced to penury.
Lord Sacks please examine your conscience and try action instead of thousands if not millions of words.



Tue, 10/11/2011 - 13:42

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What Dr. Williams did was wonderful. Too many westerners are filled with post colonial guilt and say nothing.

Journalist Peter Godwin has written extensively on this subject. The link below is to 'When a Crocodile eats the Sun".


Tue, 10/11/2011 - 17:20

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There are only a few hundred Jews in Zimbabwe - I wonder what would happen to them and how safe they would be should, as this blogger suggests, the Chief Rabbi publicly confront Mugabe.


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