Iranian aggression is threat to us and Middle East (Express)

By Stephen Pollard
December 2, 2011

My take on Iran is here, in today's Express



Tue, 12/06/2011 - 15:35

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Once again the spectre of Iran wanting to islamicise the whole world is raised. Where on earth is the evidence for this? One has to remember that there is a large US army presence in Iraq and Afghanistan – which both border Iran. So the Iranians may feel threatened and insecure. Plus a nuclear Israel is constantly threatening to wipe Iran off the map!

Certainly the protestors who attacked the embassy do their country no credit and the event was most likely orchestrated but how on earth would bringing death and destruction - as you propose - to Iran solve the issue? It certainly solved nothing in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Israel is constantly threatening to attack Iraq. So how is that any different from Iran's threats and blustering?


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