Life under bombardment of more than 100 rockets and mortars in last few days

By Stephen Franklin
April 11, 2011

I have just received an email with an eye witness account from a resident living in Kibbutz Kfar Aza near the Gaza border.

What has been happening has been described in the Israeli press but I think that the following first hand report makes it clearer what it is like to be under such a bombardment.

"For the last few days we have been under almost contant bombardment, most people are living in their bomb shelters. The last 48 hours more than 100 missiles, rockets and mortars have hit our area. On Thursday a laser guide Kornet anti tank missile was fired at our yellow school bus with a direct hit. Fortunately the bus had just dropped off more than 30 children on the neighbouring kibbutz, and there was only one child on the bus, he was critically wounded.

There is a high level of stress, especially worrying about children and grandchildren. Even if they do not have to be in a bomb shelter, they cannot be more than 15 seconds from the shelter, so that they can take cover, when the alarm is given for an incoming missile.

Hoping this will soon be over, and we will have some respite, till the next round of hostlities."

A few years ago there was a report in Haaretz ( the effect of the bombardment from Gaza on the children of Sderot. Let's not forget them.


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