Icke and October 27th. 2012

By stellasolomons
December 4, 2011

Come October 27th in Wembley, embarrassed, David Icke will tell you not to believe a word I say, but what good is his talk anyway? That's all he does! Support Occupy - out there and famous in three months flat. Here is my channel, Icke solves nothing, he has no educational qualifications, and is terrified of being Islamophobic.


My intuition tells me that David Icke will get to read this. He has the right of reply, sure, but it's when he stops his racism - it's rather rude tbh - that I'll stop saying all this.

sighs and logs off...may need to come back here for up-dates. C U

now he's read this, up-dated 29th January '12, he might/not go to college, yep, don't you get the hunch that he is spinning out the yarn? Join Occupy, much better.

one last thing...how come he uses facebook when he doesn't like Mark Zuckerberg?


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