The sea

By Skovronek2
February 27, 2012

Yesterday we had the pleasure to be visited by our grand daughter and two of the friends she had made helping to alleviate the impact of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. We were particularly pleased to take Itina to see the sea.

Itina is 38 years old and has never seen the sea. She has always wanted to see the sea. She lives 18 miles from the sea. The State of Israel stands between her and the sea. Yes, you have guessed it. Itina is not Jewish.



Tue, 02/28/2012 - 10:44

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Is there any chance that your grand-daughter will take time off in her busy timetable and alleviate some of the impact on the families of young victims of Arab terror - you know like the parents of those young children murdered by terrorists who you seemingly support and who will never see another dawn let alone the sea.

Evidently by the lack of human decency you have shown elsewhere on this blog there is very little chance of that happening.


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