Existence is resistance revisited

By Skovronek2
August 7, 2011

Existence is resistance revisited

David Hearst is pretty much on the right tack.

During the Irish War of Independence in the 1920's,the leader of the IRA Third West Cork Brigade, Tom Barry, declared..." the only duty of the flying column is to continue to exist."

So it is in the occupied territories. And nowhere is this duty more stark then in the Jordan Valley. The valley has been ethnically cleansed to the extent that in 1967 there were over 300,000 Arabs living there and now there are around 56,000.But this population has stabilised and is determined to stay no matter how hard the tyranny of the army and illegal settlers press them.

Time is on the side of the Palestinians and justice.

We Jewish supporters of the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign can have a massive impact

Join us now.


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