A new voice in Israel

By Simon Rocker
February 22, 2013

Diaspora Jews generally pay little attention to what Israeli politicians say in the Knesset.

But one speech has won the admiration of many in the Jewish world.

It was the maiden parliamentary address by Ruth Calderon, one of the MK’s for Yair Lapid’s new Yesh Atid party.

Dr Calderon is the founder of secular study centres where Israelis of all kinds can study Torah, Talmud and other rabbinic texts in an independent and pluralist setting.

Her passionate belief that classical Jewish literature is the heritage of all Jews has made her inspiration to those looking for ways to straddle the religious-secular divide.

As she told the Knesset, “I am convinced that studying the great works of He Hebrew and Jewish culture are crucial to construct a new Hebrew culture for Israel.”

The Torah, she said, “is not the property of one movement or another, it is a gift that every one of us received”.

How good a politician is we will have to wait and see. But there is no greater calling in Judaism than to be a teacher and she is one of the finest teaching today.

You can see her speech, with English subtitles,



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I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that Happy Goldfish is none other than Anthony Posner/Jose/Blacklisted Dictator. For he, too, played about posting/reposting after hours.

Are they in any way related? I think we should be told

Ruth Calderon is a true great, a clarion voice that has reclaimed the Tanach and Talmud from the Orthodox. Our sources are for all of us, not just for those who have appropriated for themselves.

But you should see what the Orthodox say about her on the Kikar Hashabbat website. She is, they say, an "existential threat" because, Heaven Forfend, she "studies Gamara and is using our language against us".

This will lead to mixed dancing - rachmana letzlan, tfu, tfu, tfu.


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