'A mitzvah to go to Limmud'

By Simon Rocker
November 21, 2013

See this contribution to the debate over Limmud from former Bnei Akiva shaliach to the UK, Rabbi Benjamin Lau of Israel.

And then, pro-Limmud see Rabbi Natan Levy or anti-Limmud, Jonathan Rosenblum.

The controversy continued to rumble more locally this week. At Edgware Adath Yisroel synagogue, an affiliate of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, Rabbi Zvi Lieberman sent an email to his members, with a copy of last week's attack on Limmud by Rabbi Alan Kimche for promoting an "aberration" of Judaism. Rabbi Lieberman said he shared Rabbi Kimche's views about "about Limmud and similar heterodox institutions and the inherent falsification of Judaism which they present".

Shortly afterwards, EAY congregants received a fresh email, this time from the council of management saying that the rabbi's email had been sent without their knowledge or approval and had not been intended to reflect the council's views.

And then came a third email, signed jointly by Rabbi Lieberman and the council of management, which said that recent emails "should not be misconstrued", that both council and rabbi remained "committed in mutual respect and support to consult and work together" and apologising "for any confusion caused".

So peace and goodwill returns to Edgware, although whether there is an agreed policy on Limmud, I can't tell you.


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