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  • Stop Iran? Easy, just ask 'em to

    Orlando Radice
    Feb 17, 2012

    Writing in this week’s New Statesman, former weapons inspector Hans Blix calls Israel’s use of the Stuxnet virus to hobble the Iranian nuclear programme and its assassination of the country’s nuclear scientists an “outrageous, gangster-style war”. So if you have solid evidence to believe that a country is developing the means to wipe you off the map, you are akin to a “gangster” when you seek to prevent that? Interesting argument…

  • Moral capitalism and the collapse of Jabe

    Simon Rocker
    Feb 15, 2012

    It is ironic when Prime Minister David Cameron and others have been talking of the need for moral capitalism that the Jewish Association for Business Ethics has folded owing to lack of funds.

    JABE successfully exported Jewish ideas on ethical practice to schools and offices well beyond the Jewish community.

    It grew out of an initiative, Integrity in Action, which was launched in partnership with the Chief Rabbi’s Office. And therein lay the seeds of its downfall.

  • Rick Santorum's Chanucah faux pas

    Jennifer Lipman
    Feb 10, 2012

    A new kosher conundrum in the will they / won't they rollercoaster of the Republican presidential hopefuls. Did Rick Santorum really mean to send Jewish voters a card with a quote from the New Testament on?

    Rick – he of the sweater vests and staunch Christian conservatism – was obviously hoping to shore up support from an unlikely corner when he sent the card last year (at least, I assume it was last year; getting the date of Chanucah wrong would have been an even bigger gaffe).

    But really, dude? Even for those who want all the religions of the world to work together (and Santorum doesn't really strike me as a happy-clappy interfaith kind of guy), this is pretty bizarre.

  • Harry, it's over to you

    Danny Caro
    Feb 9, 2012

    Who in their right mind would take the England job? One has to ask.

    In fact, it's the question a handful of respected managers in the game will have asked themselves this morning.

    Indeed very few people took to Fabio Capello because he wasn't English and didn't speak the lingo.