Mohammed Sandia sentenced for posting antisemitic comments on the Scotsman website

December 15, 2011

On 1st March 2008, the Scotsman website hosted the following posted by Mohammed Sandia, supposedly commenting on remarks made by an Israeli Government Minister about rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza: "jews are not fit to breathe our air. They must be attacked wherever you see them; throw rocks at their ugly, hooked-nosed women and mentally ill children, and light up the REAL ovens."
Although Sandia initially pled not guilty, he later changed his plea to guilty and his defence lawyer claimed in mitigation that his client was "a man with a great interest in world affairs and politics, and an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause". When he added that Sandia had not done anything to incite violence, the Sheriff interrupted to ask whether his call for Jews to be attacked and stoned could be "suggestive of anything other than violence?"


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