MEMO 338

February 3, 2013

MEMO 338 A weekly overview of information of interest to minority ethnic communities in Scotland, including parliamentary activity at Holyrood and Westminster, new publications, consultations, forthcoming conferences and news reports.



Mon, 02/04/2013 - 10:18

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(last wednesday, 8.00-8.40pm) on channel 4 tv: "Dispatches: Britain's hidden child abuse":
but still viewable on 4oD at

"A victim of child sex abuse in one of Britain's religious communities goes undercover to expose the way his community has for decades been dealing with paedophilia.
In a year-long investigation, other victims of child abuse from this closed community express their anger about the lack of justice caused by their leaders' misguided approach to dealing with the issue.
In some cases those brave enough to complain to the police about their abusers have even been harassed, spat at and ostracised by other community members.
This Channel 4 Dispatches special report also reveals that an alleged child abuser was allowed to continue working with children, despite complaints from his victim.
And other victims, frustrated by their inability to bring child abusers to justice, tell Dispatches they've threatened and attacked those they believe to be paedophiles."

although the channel 4 description tactfully does not say so, the religious community in question is haredi


Tue, 02/05/2013 - 13:52

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(last sunday, 8.00-8.50pm) on channel 4 tv: "Britain's Holocaust Survivors":
but still viewable on 4oD at

"They experienced perhaps the greatest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. Yet what do we know about the Holocaust survivors who made Britain their home?
Made by the multi-award-winning director Daisy Asquith, Britain's Holocaust Survivors takes a unique approach to recording the experiences of the last generation to have living memories of the Holocaust.
Made in Daisy's inimitable warm documentary style, the film takes viewers into the homes of a small group of extraordinary survivors, telling their stories with sensitivity, humour and compassion.
A compelling cast of characters are revealed as they gradually reveal the horror of their past and how those experiences have shaped their lives.
While many of their testimonies are horrific, they also provide moments of hope and humanity; a daughter's heartfelt pleas to an SS officer successfully saving her mother from the gas chambers; and the blossoming relationship between a young woman and a British soldier who helped liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
This film is an important historical and visual document, a testimony to the strength, determination and character of Holocaust survivors, a contemporary benchmark and possibly the final chance to hear from those survivors living in Britain."


Fri, 02/08/2013 - 17:58

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tonight (friday night/ saturday morning), 2.15-2.45am on bbc3tv (freeview channel 7): "Way to Go", fourth of six episodes
with harry landis of eastenders etc, and blake harrison of inbetweeners

WARNING: not suitable for children

"Darkly comic series about an assisted-suicide business. Scott has trouble in the bedroom. Cozzo pretends to be Jewish to satisfy a client's dying needs."
(it's actually more tasteful than the description suggests)
also already available online at


Fri, 02/08/2013 - 18:57

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this sunday, 9.30pm on bbc radio 4: "The Alawis"

"Presenter Owen Bennett Jones investigates the Alawis' origins, history and culture and asks how these once marginalised people came to power in a Sunni majority state."

(also already available online at


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