MEMO 301

March 26, 2012

MEMO 301 A weekly overview of information of interest to minority ethnic communities in Scotland, including parliamentary activity at Holyrood and Westminster, new publications, consultations, forthcoming conferences and news reports.



Tue, 04/12/2016 - 08:50

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index (chronologically, by speaker):
rabbi harvey belovski
rabbi shoshana boyd gelfand
rabbi jonathan hughes
maureen kendler
rabbi julia neuberger


Mon, 06/27/2016 - 10:26

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rabbi shoshana boyd gelfand:

14 June 2016
'Revelation is everywhere and each of us has a small piece of it.'

6 June 2016
Fasting: 'Instead of making me feel like an angel, fasting reminds me how very human I am.'24 May 2016
The Power of Words: 'We miss something if we listen to words without appreciating what's hidden between them'

16 May 2016
Being Forgiven: “Demonstrating forgiveness is just as important as saying sorry.”

5 May 2016
Britishness: ‘When I took my oath to the Queen, I committed myself to the story of Britain’

18 February 2016
'Self-control is like a muscle – it can be strengthened with use.'

11 February 2016
Shoshana considers the unique bond shared between her twin children.

4 February 2016
It's Not What Happens To You:
Shoshana shares the story of Soviet-born, human right activist Natan Sharansky

28 January 2016
Learning From The Past':
'If we truly want to say "Never Again”, we must back those words with action

24 November 2015
Hope: 'Curiosity is a redeeming force that releases hope, allowing it into our world'

17 November 2015
The Film of My Childhood:'
Shoshana tells Vanessa about her connection to a late Hollywood film star.

3 November 2015
Soshana tells Vanessa about her 10-year old son's half-term history homework.

10 November 2015
Light in the Darkness:
Just because I can't see something with my senses, doesn't mean it's not there.

30 July 2015
Finding God In Unusual Places:
Shoshana on how learning to play music gave her a methodology for encountering God

23 July 2015
The Best Advice I've Received:
Shoshana considers the Jewish value of 'Torah Lish'ma' - learning for the joy of learning

16 July 2015
Dancing is simply what happens when we let music capture our soul and move us."

11 May 2015
Shoshana explains why her recent pilgrimages have been so impactful.

20 April 2015
My Favourite Shakespeare Quote:
"Life is nothing more than an illusion."

12 March 2015
What My Mother Taught Me:
"My mother was a pioneer and she taught me that I could be one too."

16 February 2015
Simplifying Life:
Shoshana suggests that we free ourselves from the tyranny of small decisions.

10 February 2015
'You can't see love, you can't even prove it's there, but it can still protect us.'

3 February 2015
Learning from Our Mistakes:
"I pondered less how the human body worked and more how the human being should behave."

27 January 2015
Shoshanna explains that her seven year old is running for public office. Release

21 October 2014
The Power of Knowledge over Ignorance:
Shoshana looks at the story of Adam and Eve to understand the 'human desire to know'.

7 October 2014
Shoshana considers the true owner of her garden during this Jewish Sabbatical year.

14 October 2014
Sharing Good Things:
Shoshana describes the Jewish 'sukkah' - a place to share the good things in life.

27 August 2014
Your Favourite Holiday Photograph:
Shoshana reflects on the passage of time and how quickly everything seems to pass.

20 August 2014
The Joys of a British Bank Holiday:
Shoshana shares her plans for a British pilgrimage this weekend.

8 July 2014
Winning and Losing:
Shoshana explains, 'the real losers are those without friends to share their triumphs'.

24 June 2014
Self Improvement:
Shoshana's son asks, "Which one is the real me - the good me or the naughty me?"

18 June 2014
Colour on the Radio Week:
Whilst visiting South Africa, Shoshana discovers a deeper moral meaning to colour.

28 April 2014
Shoshana explains the history behind the Jewish festival of Yom HaShoah.

10 February 2014
We hear that the theme of commitment is at the heart of a Jewish wedding ceremony.

3 February 2014
Shoshana contemplates the positives and negatives around buying her son a mobile phone.

27 January 2014
We hear about the complications of being outnumbered by your children.

27 November 2013
Shoshana explains her plans for a very special Thanksgiv-ukkah.

20 November 2013
Where were you when...?'
Shoshana shares with us her experience of being in New York during 9/11

13 November 2013
Shoshana and her son discuss giving aid in times of need.

6 November 2013
Light in the Darkness:
Shoshana explains the significance of fire within the Jewish story of the Garden of Eden.

30 October 2013
Shoshana considers what sainthood could mean within Judaism.

16 October 2013
Shoshana explains to Vanessa what the American baseball term ‘Sacrifice Bunt’ means

9 October 2013
Firm Foundations:
Shoshana shares a story about her recent visit to Poland where she was extremely moved by the young people she met there.

23 July 2013
Royal Birth:
Shoshana joins Vanessa in the studio once more for a very special, royal thought.

22 July 2013
Memories from 2012:
Beginning this week's theme, Shoshana reflects on an Olympic memory that's close to home.

10 June 2013
Shoshana remembers her dad teaching her to swim. She views it as not only an important skill to have, but as an analogy for developing in life.

29 April 2013
Looking ahead to World Press Freedom Day, Shoshana considers the responsibility that comes with free speech.

22 April 2013
Religion & the Environment:
Shoshana introduces a new week and a new theme in aid of Earth Day and considers how as humans, we are made from the same stuff as the earth and that we should aim to protect one as we protect the other.

15 July 2013
Shoshana reflects upon the Jewish wedding ceremony and asks if there is such a thing as pure joy.


Mon, 07/18/2016 - 10:36

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pause for thought on bbc radio 2
rabbi julia neuberger:

14 July 2016
"Look around and listen to your inner voice."

14 June 2016
The willingness of people of all faiths to pray in one building was heart-warming'

12 May 2016
Mental Health: 'Our duty now is to talk about problems, provide a cure when we can or care when we can’t.'

5 May 2016
Britishness: ‘When I took my oath to the Queen, I committed myself to the story of Britain’.

28 April 2016
It takes ordinary conversations, humanity, and a sense of humour, to establish peace.

20 April 2016
Passover: We should remember to celebrate freedom because it’s precious and all too easy to lose

18 April 2016
'We should celebrate the number 13 and I hope we can stop people thinking it unlucky.'

27 January 2016
'What might the six million Holocaust victims have achieved in life, had they survived?'

20 January 2016:
"We tell stories for a reason. Without our stories, we would be lost."

12 January 2016
'Waste not, want not’...I get real pleasure from things having another use.'

5 January 2016
Julia shares her love of Limmud, an annual Jewish conference and festival.

7 December 2015
Julia explains the Jewish holiday of Chanukkah.

29 September 2015
Julia tells Chris about the Festival of Sukkot.

22 September 2015
"Whoever saves a single life, it is as if he saved a whole world."

15 September 2015
Julia explains the traditions and symbolism of Rosh Hashanah.

8 September 2015
Julia recalls her travels to India and the hope and passion she finds there.

14 July 2015
Julia share the story of her first multi-generational bat mitzvah.

17 June 2015
Julia shares the story of the "12 Spies", and considers the relevance it still has today.

10 June 2015
Julia celebrates people from different backgrounds coming together to help those in need.

3 June 2015
Julia explains how Jewish blessings can be found in Star Trek.

27 April 2015
Julia considers how spring gives us hope, and a cause for gratitude each year.

20 April 2015
Julia considers western attitudes towards migrants and refugees.

2 April 2015
Julia considers the significance of matza bread in the run up to Passover.

26 March 2015
Julia looks back to the inspirational work of her synagogue's founders.

3 February 2015
Julia discusses how, in the midst of terrible evil, we can still have hope.

28 January 2015
As Holocaust Memorial Day passes, Julia reflects on how import it is that we remember.

20 January 2015
Julia reflects upon the power and beauty of music.

13 January 2015
Julia reflects on how the response to the attacks in Paris has brought people together.

24 November 2014
Julia suggests that a sense of urgency is at the heart of staying enthusiastic.

23 October 2014
Julia celebrates the universal themes of hope over despair this Diwali.

2 October 2014
Julia reminds us that "everyone’s prayers...can be heard, no matter who they are".

18 September 2014
Julia reflects on Binyon's poem 'The Fallen' as we approach the centenary of WWI.

11 September 2014
Forced isolation is a chance to really explore our thoughts, hopes and dreams on our own.

11 July 2014
Julia tells us about an enormous tea party she went to this week.

4 July 2014
Julia shares the story of a donkey who triumphs over his owner.

19 June 2014
Julia tells of her mother's dream of being an artist, growing up in Nazi Germany.

12 June 2014
Julia believes as a nation we are pretty good volunteers; but can we be better?

3 June 2014
The Shavuot festival has got Julia excited for a night of studying and eating cheesecake.

8 April 2014
Julia talks about the importance of comforting and caring for those suffering illness.

25 March 2014
Julia explains the relationship between Jews and the city of Amsterdam.

14 March 2014
We hear about the children’s service at Julia’s Synagogue.

7 March 2014
We hear about some remarkable women that Julia met in India.

27 January 2014
on Holocaust Memorial Day Julia explains that we must remember the Holocaust so that it isn't repeated.

21 January 2014
Julia shares a simple yet profound Jewish story.

15 January 2014
Julia explains why there is a Jewish New Year for Trees.

11 December 2013
Julia explains the importance of looking out for people left alone at this time of year.

3 December 2013
Julia explains to Chris what she enjoys about Chanukkah

18 November 2013
Julia tells us about the Westminster Abbey service that she attended, which commemorated the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht - 'The Night of Broken Glass.'

5 November 2013
Julia tells Chris about the Hook Lighthouse in County Wexford.

22 October 2013
Julia explains how she owes a personal debt to two men she’s never met.


Mon, 07/18/2016 - 10:36

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pause for thought on bbc radio 2
maureen kendler:

14 July 2016
Looking In The Mirror: 'An honest look in the mirror can reveal the good and the bad in ourselves.'

7 July 2016
Purity: 'Today, “a fly in the ointment” means a nuisance - but its origin is far more dramatic.'

31 May 2016
My Parents: The safe parenting that I found annoying as a teen was a necessary underpinning for life.

20 April 2016
Preserving Mother Earth: "We must face up to the everyday responsibilities of our carbon footprints."

15 March 2016
Happy Days: "Youth groups have always been the jewel in the Jewish community's crown."

8 March 2016
Maureen considers how to strike a balance between greatness and humility.

1 March 2016
My mother taught me the value of being a good neighbour. She taught by example.

23rd February 2016
What would you do with an extra day?

16 October 2015
Festival Food Maureen tells Vanessa about her favourite Jewish recipe books.

30 October 2015
Saints "It may be that saints are meant to be role models, because of their imperfections."

30 November 2015
'My Generation' Maureen recalls lyrics by The Who which have stuck with her since childhood.

9 October 2015
'My Favourite Teacher' Maureen reflects on the impact that the film "The History Boys" has had on her teaching.

12 August 2015
'Things I'd Tell My Younger Self' 'I'd tell myself, to do a very un-teenage thing & listen when I had the chance'

8 June 2015
Carers Week 2015 "When you have fallen apart, a community infrastructure really can save you."

1 June 2015
"If I Had a Time Machine" Maureen remembers the role that Jewish women played during the Suffragette movement.

18 May 2015
"My Favourite Gift" Maureen considers her greatest achievement; being a mother to four children.

17 March 2015
"What Makes Me Happy" Maureen explains how she celebrates the smaller things in life.

10 March 2015
"What My Mother Taught Me" "Jewish mothers have a reputation for courage.. and my mother certainly exemplifies this"

3 March 2015
Heroines "Be bold, be brazen, be true to your heart."

24 February 2015
"Where is Home?" "For me, home is where the heart is and not where the past is stored."

9 December 2014
Preparation 'The best preparation I can do is put in the work and expect the unexpected.'

19 November 2014
'Subjects I Wish I'd Studied' When she struggles to achieve Maureen reminds herself to 'stick at it and never give up'.

11 November 2014
Remembrance Maureen remembers First World War poet Isaac Rosenberg.

4 November 2014
'Breaking Down Walls' Maureen suggests that adopting a flexible approach may be 'the saving of us all'.

4 September 2014
'Dedication' Maureen explores the definition of what true dedication actually means.

21 August 2014
'The Joys of a British Bank Holiday' Maureen considers how "some interesting but non-official Yom Kippur customs have grown."

14 August 2014
"Things You'd Tell Your Younger Self" Maureen shares some words of wisdom with her teenage self.

17 April 201
Holy Week. Maureen discusses the Jewish festival of Passover.

10 April 2014
"What is Power?" We hear about Maureen's experience of A Level English.

3 April 2014
'Inspiring Constructions' We hear about Kintsukuroi; an ancient and highly skilled Japanese art.

27 March 2014
Mums Maureen shares a few Jewish mother jokes.

22 January 2014
Maureen Kendler on Words Maureen reflects how words are at the heart of what being Jewish is all about.

15 January 2014
"The Times They Are A Changing" Maureen tells us about the relationship between her grandparents and parents.

2 January 2014 Maureen Kendler.mp3 Maureen suggests that New Year "tentative suggestions" may be better than resolutions.


Mon, 08/15/2016 - 08:36

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pause for thought on bbc radio 2
rabbi jonathan hughes:

11 August 2016
When I Was Young: 'There is an unquestioning trust that children possess that is quite magical.'

27 July 2016
Friendship: 'True friendship is a beautiful connection that nothing can break.'

5 July 2016
Purity: "One of the best ways I can think of to achieve personal purity is humility."

28 June 2016
Welcoming The Stranger: 'The stranger is the person who deserves our love, but is forgotten about or ignored.'

30 March 2016
Seeing The Funny Side:
'The Jewish sense of humour has kept us hopeful during the darkest hours of our history'.'

2 March 2016
What my mother taught me:
'My mum taught me that when you love someone, you can find a way to reach a compromise.'

25 February 2016
What would you do with an extra day?:
The sun's role is not illuminating our world - it's to remind us that time is passing.'

3 February 2016
It's not what happens to you…:
It’s not what happens to us that defines us, it’s how we react that matters.


Mon, 08/15/2016 - 08:39

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pause for thought on bbc radio 2
rabbi harvey belovski:

20 July 2016
'Alexander the Great seems like a remote figure, but his influence is still felt today.'

5 July 2016
'It’s hard to make time to break bread with loved ones, but the benefits can be amazing.'

28 June 2016
'We need to preserve a healthy balance between feeling discouraged and feeling powerful.'

18 May 2016
'Getting the right balance between individual expression and conformity can be tough.'12 May 2016
Mental Health: 'Have mental health issues become more prevalent in modern life or are we more aware?'

12 May 2016
Mental Health: 'Have mental health issues become more prevalent in modern life or are we more aware?'

28 April 2016
Liberation: We need to filter ideas through our own experience for them to speak us.

21 April 2016
Preserving Mother Earth: We need to care for our world, love it and even make certain sacrifices.

11 April 2016
Serendipity: 'Discoveries appear to occur by chance, but we are actually pawns on a divine chessboard'

27 January 2016
Learning From The PastL 'Each moment of life is a gift. It has never existed before, nor will it be repeated.' :

22 January 2016
Mid-Winter 'Our knowledge of the world is often indirect, we need to reconnect in real ways.'

14 January 2016
Harvey Belovski on Guilty Pleasures 'Guilt is an unhealthy trait, it validates our inability to change our behaviour.'

7 January 2016 Harvey Belovski on Surprising Encounters "Instead of dividing us, our differences should lead us to celebrate our common humanity"

1 October 2015 Harvey Belovski on Harvest Harvey explains what it means to sleep outside during the Festival of Sukkot.

24 September 2015 Harvey Belovski on Autumn Harvey tells Vanessa about the Jewish autumn festival of Sukkot.

17 September 2015 Harvey Belovski on Judgement "We all need a jolt to improve our behaviour from time to time".

10 September 2015 Harvey Belovski on India "How good and how pleasant when siblings live in harmony together."

1 July 2015 Harvey Belovski on Faith in Action "Is believing better than doing, or is the way we behave all important?"

24 June 2015 Harvey Belovski on 'Facing My Fears'. 'The American theorist Robert Anthony once said that we fear the thing we want the most'

17 June 2015 Harvey Belovski on Freedom & Justice 'In a tense world we must promote the rights of all to be treated fairly and equally.'

15 April 2015 Havey Belovski on 'Liberation' "Remember the past to build the future."

8 April 2015 Harvey Belovski on 'What Would I Change About Myself?' Harvey suggests that changing his behaviour is much easier than altering his personality.

1 April 2015 Harvey Belovski on Holy Week Harvey tells Lady V about the chores he needs to finish before Passover on Friday.

25 March 2015 Harvey Belovski on "What Is Power?" "Success lies in the art of seeing opportunities for ourselves and others."

9 January 2015 Harvey Belovski on "New Discoveries" "Each day is actually a separate opportunity for new horizons and a new self."

2 January 2015 Harvey Belovski on Wiping The Slate Clean Harvey speaks about new years resolutions.

26 December 2014 Harvey Belovski on Christmas Harvey explains what Rabbi's do at Christmas.

28 October 2014 Harvey Belovski on Music and Healing Harvey suggests that 'music can unite us in extraordinary ways'.

1 October 2014 Harvey Belovski on Atonement Harvey shares a memorable Yom Kippur which taught him that atonement can happen anywhere.

23 September 2014 Harvey Belovski on Treasured Possessions Harvey suggests that "we and our possessions should remain separate" to live happily.

17 September 2014 Harvey Belovski on Momentous Decisions Harvey explains what taught him to "embrace doubt and make bold decisions".

10 September 2014 Harvey Belovski on 'Inspirations from Literature' 'Learn to treat every moment of life as though it is an eternity to be treasured'

7 August 2014 Harvey Belovski on Events That Changed The World Harvey considers how everyday events can shape the course of our lives.

30 July 2014 Harvey Belovski on Making Amends Harvey shares the story of American Elwin Wilson.

23 July 2014 Harvey Belovski on the Commonwealth Games Harvey highlights the importance of sportsmanship over the next 10 days.

17 July 2014 Harvey Belovski on Children Say The Wisest Things Inspired by Dr Seuss, Harvey suggests that there is no one more like you than you.

2 June 2014 Harvey Belovski on Bravery Friday's 70th D-Day anniversary gets Harvey thinking about different types of bravery.

14 May 2014 Harvey Belovski on Marriage Harvey reviews what he thinks makes a happy, successful marriage.

7 May 2014 Harvey Belovski on Freedom Harvey explores our "perceptions of freedom".

30 April 2014 Harvey Belovski on Lessons Life Has Taught Us Harvey reflects on the life of his mentor, Rabbi Lopian.

23 April 2014 Harvey Belovski on Courage Harvey remembers the brave Jews who have held onto their faith in the face of oppression.

20 February 2014 Harvey Belovski on Looking in the Mirror We’re told a fairy tale about a man who always wore a mask to hide his unhappiness.

13 February 2014 Harvey Belovski on Love Harvey offers advice for dealing with, "neighbours from hell".

6 February 2014 Harvey Belovski on Community Harvey shares the important events that always bring his Jewish, 'community', together.

30 January 2014 Harvey Belovski on Teamwork Harvey explains how a gaggle of geese will work together.

10 December 2013 Harvey Belovski on Peace Harvey explains how he keeps the peace within his large family.

3 December 2013 Harvey Belovski on Hope. Harvey considers the link between having hope and having choices.


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