By rushkin
November 2, 2011

The General Conference,

Considering the request for admission of Palestine to UNESCO submitted in 1989, and reiterated
at each session of the General Conference,

Having noted that Palestine accepts UNESCO’s Constitution and is ready to fulfill the obligations
which will devolve upon it by virtue of its admission and to contribute towards the expenses of the

Having noted that the Executive Board, at its 187th session recommended the admission of
Palestine to membership of UNESCO,

Decides to admit Palestine as a member of UNESCO.



Thu, 11/03/2011 - 13:46

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The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has said Palestinian efforts to join other United Nations agencies beyond its cultural arm are "not beneficial for Palestine and not beneficial for anybody".

Millions of people could be affected if UN agencies see their funding cut as a result of the Palestinian bids, he said in an interview on Thursday at the sidelines of the G20 summit in Cannes.

The US and Canada have cut off funding for Unesco since the Paris-based UN cultural agency approved a Palestinian membership bid – stripping it of about one-quarter of its total funding.

Ban said the Palestinian Authority's foreign minister had indicated that it would apply for membership of the 16 other UN agencies.

What do the 'Palestinians' or for that matter Rushkin care about starving children in Africa who don't get even a fraction of the per capita aid money that the 'Palestinians' get? Surely you don't think that the World's spoiled brats are going to care about anyone else, do you?


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