Nice clip about the Western Wall and what it means to the Jews.

By Robert Snodgrass
May 31, 2011

How so called 'Jews' like Joe Millis can promote the dividing of the city, and subsequently hand control of the Western Wall to people who have clearly demonstrated in the past (1948-1967) their complete lack of respect for our holy sites is truly beyond me.

Have a look anyway, its a feel good clip


Ian Kramer

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 15:20

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"How so called 'Jews' like Joe Millis ... is truly beyond me"

I found this on the web (it's not mine). Describes milgram and his ilk perfectly!

In a certain village there lived a young man who was very rich – and was as uncouth as he was rich. In the same village lived a very poor family, one of whose daughters was a very beautiful girl, who was also possessed of exceptionally good personality traits.

The young man was very attracted to the young lady, but despite his sending a few shadchanim (match-makers) to arrange a meeting between them, the lady was not interested and refused every suggestion. One day her father asked to for his sake to meet with the young man just once, so that he would stop pestering her and the family. She agreed, and he was invited for shabat lunch.

When he arrived, the young lady appeared in an old, not-too-clean dress, no make-up, her hair disheveled, and in general showed him no affection whatsoever.

The young man left, telling everyone he knew that the stories about her beauty and character were a lie, that she was in fact ugly and ill-mannered.

This, is Eretz Yisrael. This is a holy land with special qualities, which will not accept people who’s spiritual qualities are not suited for it. In such cases it makes itself appear to them in an unappealing fashion, so while they are going around saying how much the Land of Israel is not worthy of them, in fact it is they who are not worthy of living in the Land of Israel, which has in effect rejected them.

This is how one should react to Israel-haters; they are in fact rejects.


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