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Galloway and Tamimi team up at QMUL

By richmillett, February 16, 2010

Tonight there was a two for one offer on as Queen Mary, University of London’s Palestine Society held its inaugural meeting where about 300 students heard George Galloway and Azzam Tamimi speak. Tamimi is notorious for condoning suicide bombers inside Israel.

This was Mile End, the heart of George Galloway’s parliamentary constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow, and so it was a good opportunity for the Respect Party’s parliamentary candidate to make an appearance.


Hello, Ken Bates here.

By richmillett, February 13, 2010

I had a phone-call from the Chairman of Leeds United, Ken Bates, this week. I had written to him out of concern over the Nazi salute I had seen and Belsen chants I had heard when Leeds played Spurs in the recent FA Cup replay at Elland Road.

He suggested I should have done something myself like contact a steward, ring the number in the programme or even remonstrate with the culprits myself.

He said he would have had the culprits banned from Elland Road and then quoted me Edmund Burke’s “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”.


Time to stand up for the people of Iran

By richmillett, February 13, 2010

Thursday night was a humbling experience. I interviewed two British Iranian men who had fled the brutal theocracy that has been Iran for the past 31 years.

One’s uncle had been executed. The other’s wife was arrested for opposing the regime. He was allowed to visit her in Evin prison and saw how bruised and emaciated her body had become. He encouraged her to stay strong and do what she could to comply with the authorities.

A few weeks later he had a visit from a government official who told him she had been executed.


AQSA. AQSA. Read all about it!

By richmillett, February 11, 2010

Why read the Jewish Chronicle or the Jewish News, those mere organs of the all-powerful Israel Lobby, when you can get the unvarnished truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from Aqsa News? The January 2010 issue is out now.

And, to boot, Aqsa News is free (which is a huge bonus especially as the JC executives are probably, at this moment, discussing when to push the JC’s cover price up to the £1.10 mark).

Anyway, I digress. Aqsa News is 14 pages long and packed with content and devoid of annoying adverts.


Hamas at SOAS: "No peace"

By richmillett, February 10, 2010

Tonight was a sad night at SOAS, one of the finest Universities in the world. The Islamic Society held a meeting to attack, undermine and insinuate the most awful things about Israel and Zionism.

Speaking were Ben White who said Israel is worse than apartheid South Africa. His premise was that at least the whites in South Africa didn't want the blacks to disappear as they needed them for work and to earn a living.


Egg butties and Hitler

By richmillett, February 4, 2010

Scene: A father talking to his 10-year-old son in the front room of a house somewhere in the UK last week.

dad: "come here, son"

son: "yes, dad, what do you want?"

dad: "i want to teach you something"

son: "what, dad?

dad: "ok, stand straight. Hold out your right arm straight in front of you"

son: "ok. Like this?"

dad: "yes. hand straight following the arm. That's right. Now, raise the arm in the air a bit"

son: "like this?

dad: "keep your upper arm still and your forearm and hand straight. Now touch your heart with the right hand"

son: "how many times?


White Phosphorous

By richmillett, February 3, 2010

I was thinking how many ways there might be to try to delegitimise Israel. Loads i thought. In fact there are as many ways to delegitimise Israel as there are to get out in cricket:

1) Israel is in breach of UN Resolutions (LBW)
2) Israel is in breach of international law (caught)
3) Israel doesn’t want peace (run out)
4) Israel ethnically cleansed the Palestinians (bowled!)
5) Israel isn’t a democracy (timed out)
6) Israel is an apartheid state (interfering with play)
7) The Jews have no right to a state being just a religious group (hit wicket)


Holocaust Denial Day down in Westminster

By richmillett, January 29, 2010

27th January is the day the death camp, Auschwitz, in southern Poland, was liberated. So 27th is Holocaust Memorial Day worldwide, excepting, now, the British Parliament.

There are ways to criticise Israel but using Holocaust Memorial Day is not one of them.

Out of all the Holocaust survivors worldwide the shameless pro-Palestine campaign located one who inexplicably hates Israel, and everything it stands for, to the core. His name is Hajo Meyer.


Pro-Palestine campaign complains to BBC.

By richmillett, January 22, 2010

I have never really found the BBC overtly anti-Israel. Having attended many a pro-Palestinian meeting I always hear them moan about how anti-Palestinian Auntie is.

And despite the recent Panorama with Jane "Clare Short" Corbin they have given Israel's relief team to Haiti incredible coverage, as have Sky and CNN. No one has believed how Israel got to the disaster zone so quickly and set up a field hospital so efficiently and before anyone else, including the Americans.


The shame of the pro-Palestinian campaign

By richmillett, January 18, 2010

Imagine for one moment that the nasty Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) supported by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and all of its supporters was a success. Israeli industry would be on the verge of bankruptcy and all of the innovations and inventions that are constantly discovered by Israeli scientists would not be discovered for lack of funding and investment.


Cartooning in Conflict

By richmillett, January 15, 2010

St. Martin-in-the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JH (Charing X Tube)

Until 24th January. For more information:

The shadowy crypt at St. Martin-in-the-Fields is a fitting setting for this exhibition of war cartoons about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The cartoons have been drawn by 35 artists from around the world and the exhibition’s driving force is Robi Damelin whose son, David, 28, was killed while on reserve duty by a Palestinian sniper.