Another fairy tale

By Rich Armbach
September 24, 2011

Another fairy tale

The recurring claim that the Arab exodus at the time Israel achieved its independence was on account of an appeal by the Arab governments for Arabs to temporarily evacuate the area is .....well....a fairy tale.

No such order was ever found in any release by the Arab League or in any military communique.

In fact the evidence in the Arab press and radio of the time is to the contrary.Except for towns like Haifa , already captured by the Jews, the Arab League ordered the Palestinians to stay where they were, and stringent punitive measures were reported against those attempting to flee the country.

Even Jewish broadcasts , in Hebrew, mentioned these Arab orders to remain.

Azzam Pasha, Abdullah,and the various " National Committees " appealed repeatedly to the arabs not to leave their homes.

The Ramallah commander of of the Arab Legion threatened to confiscate the property and blow up the houses of Arabs that left without permission.

So why did 750,000 Arabs flee ?

No prizes for the answer.


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