What a country

By Real Real Zionist
October 26, 2011


"Many foreign ambassadors called the Foreign Ministry asking if the document represent's the official position of the ministry or of the state of Israel."

"WE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO RESPOND," said a foreign ministry official.

What a country, what a shambles.

Israel desperately needs some Real Real Zionism



Thu, 10/27/2011 - 09:43

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You know what Phony why don't you comment on things you know about and leave the real world to the adults. Quoting Ha'aretz which like the Guardian is losing readership in the droves as it attempts to become more Palestinian than the Palestinians just shows how removed from the mainstream you are. Which foreign ministry official did they speak to - it could have been the janitor for all we know and probaly was knowing Ha'aretz. Most probably as they have done in the past the quote was either made up or mistranslated (http://blog.camera.org/mt-search.cgi?IncludeBlogs=1&search=Lost+in+Trans....)
At the UN your hero Mr Abbas denied any connection the Jews may have to the Land of Israel by stating that he had come from the Holyland the cradle of Islam and Christianity purposely ommitting any reference to the Jews and Judaism - he is singing from a well known script that denies the Jews legal moral and historical connection and rights to the Land of Israel. This excuse for a leader therefore has to be shown up for what he is. Lieberman is doing what he should be doing as foreign minister delegitimisng a deligitimiser. Abbas is the main obstacle to peace - it's about time people stopped calling him a "moderate" he is anything but.


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