This isn't Brighton Mary

By Real Real Zionist
September 4, 2011

This isn't Brighton Mary these people don't have all the time in the world. Saturday nights in the pub are for wimps and wannabe anarchists.

But imagine all the wasted resources that have been diverted to the illegal colonies. What if they had been used to build a decent fair society in Israel ?
Settlers could build with mortgages so low they would have been surreal in Israel. In 1984 a family could build a four bedroom villa in the west bank with a sizeable plot of land, stunning veiws and well equipped schools, for less then the price of the meanest one bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv.No wonder Sharons " realistic settlement policy " worked. Prior to that Israelis weren't interested in moving to the middle of nowhere. Sharon instigated a policy of simple bribery, using of course the Israeli public's money and, as we are now seeing,to their considerable detriment.

Guess who paid for all this ?

The education department spent $22 million building a school in one settlement and $15 million on a religious seminary in occupied East Jerusalem. This was in a year when its entire projects budget was $100 milion and Israeli kids were going to school in shifts on account of a shortage of buildings.

And this is all just the tip of a massive iceberg. No wonder the protesters are angry.


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