The good bad and indifferent

By Real Real Zionist
February 17, 2012

There was this professor who was walking down the corridor of his university department when he encountered one of his brighter students.

He said " young lady yours was a damn fine answer to my last assignment question "

She said " yes sir but it was a damn fine question. "

Your questions raise too many questions that need to be answered before they can themselves be adequately answered ( that's what you get when you quote grave, self important yet sloppy people )

However, not wishing to be a complete party pooper, I am going to assume some of these answers.

I have been unable to persuade myself that there can be racism without at least one racist.So I have reformulated the question( s ) along the lines of " Do you agree that this that or the other occurrence is always a racist incident / event. Since I am not persuaded that there is such a thing as anti Israeli racism as opposed to anti semitism I am just going to say racism. If you object to this and are inclined to say I have not answered the questions you asked I can only advise that you address your questions to those to whom they make sense.

Do you agree that seeking the destruction of Israel is ALWAYS a racist event/ incident ? Hard to imagine such an occurence that wasn't so I am inclined to say yes I do agree. That is not to say that saying such things as " The State of Israel was a bad idea " or " an idea that needs to be radically revised " etc etc is ALWAYS such.

Do you agree that denying Israel's right to exist is ALWAYS a racist event / incident ? Well does any state exist as a matter of right or as a matter of fact ? If as a matter of right it could only be within a closed system, eg a legal right, a right under international law, say.So I do not agree that saying this is ALWAYS a racist event / incident. It could be a mistake.

Do you agree that singling out Israel for selective condemnation and opprobrium is ALWAYS a racist event / incident ? No I don't agree. Every time we refer to someone, something, some country we single out. The word " selectively" doesn't make any difference. What is the difference between " single out " and " single out selectively" ? The word selectively is redundant. If I say Syria sucks I am singling out Syria. ( singling out Syria selectively if you like ).



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A prime example of the avoiding the question fallacy.

To explain - The fallacy of avoiding the question is a type of fallacy of avoiding the issue that occurs when the issue is how to answer some question. The fallacy is committed when someone’s answer doesn’t really respond to the question asked.


Question: Would Machester United be in first place if they were to win tomorrow’s game?

Answer: What makes you think they’ll ever win tomorrow’s game?

See RRZ's barely coherent screed above for another prime example of this.


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